Mitsubishis Concept-EZ MIEV

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An “electric” proposition with plenty of space for the near future

These are the latest –real life- pictures of Mitsubishis Concept-EZ MIEV compact mono-box concept vehicle which will make its world debut at Geneva .

The Concept-EZ MIEV showcases Mitsubishi’s vision for next-generation electric vehicles that employs in-wheel motors and a high-energy-density lithium-ion battery as core technologies.

The prototype uses a 20kW outer rotor-type in-wheel motor on each wheel to generate a maximum 80kW (110PS) of power. Maximizing the space freed up by the design, which

does away with a central powertrain (thus resulting in a low flat floor layout), Concept-EZ MIEV realizes roomy interior space with an interior height that matches that of a large mono-box model despite its relatively low overall height of 1,750 mm.

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