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OKAY, has little to do with Carscoop blog, but I thought id lighten up with all those Geneva Car & Concept presentations coming one after another, with a new truck from Volvo that call itself the most powerful in Europe. Its got a 16litre diesel engine with a 660 hp and….316 kgm or 3.100 NM of torque. Maybe some crazy enthusiast could come up with a contender to the Viper….:)

With its 660hp 16-litre D16E engine, the new Volvo FH16 – launched today – is Europe’s most powerful production truck. Now equipped with a newly-developed engine brake (VEB+) - which increases braking power by 15 per cent – and Volvo’s I-Shift, the celebrated automated gearchanging system, the FH16 is now dimensioned to handle gross combination weights of 60-tonnes and more.
"With the new Volvo FH16, we’re extending our lead in the prestige segment. We are combining top performance with intelligent resource utilisation, economy, comfort and safety," says Roar Isaksen, European director of Volvo Trucks.
The Volvo FH16 is more competent than ever and provides the necessary prerequisites for high a
verage speeds even in the most demanding transport operations. Intelligent power utilisation means using energy when the power is really needed. This is the approach that characterises the Volvo FH16 that is now being launched with the higher power outputs of 660hp and 580 hp (3100 Nm and 2800 Nm respectively). Maximum torque sector is available over a wide rev range, with 90 per cent of the torque available within 2 seconds.
Power and torque give strength and driveability. Irrespective of whether we are talking about difficult starts when hauling timber on a muddy forest track, or forging ahead up a mountain pass towing a fully loaded trailer, the immense pulling power makes the driver’s job so much easier.