2007 Mercedes-Benz CL Coupe Official pictures

These are the first official pictures of Mercedes’s brand new CL Coupe that leaked on the internet. Built on the same chassis as the 2007 Mercedes S-Class, the CL coupe shares nearly identical hardware and…software under the body, which by the way, still isn’t the epitome of classy design, but nevertheless looks much better than today’s CL. More information coming later on the day.

*Update: The 5.065 m (199 in) long Mercedes CL Coupe will be offered in two versions: the CL500 that wears a 388 Hp 5.5 V8 and the CL600 with a 517 Hp 5.5 V12. The CL500 can go from zero to 62 mph (100 km/h) in 5,4 sec while the more powerfull CL600 in just 4,6 sec. In both cars top speed is electronicaly limited to 155 mph (250 km/h). Mercedes also plans to present an AMG version early next year. Sales will start in Europe in mid September.

See more pictures & Read The Official Press Release here: CARSCOOP

Mercedes-Benz Luxury Coupe History here: 7 Generations

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Anonymous said... »June 22, 2006

This thing is WAY too long. It looks odd.

Anonymous said... »June 22, 2006


Anonymous said... »June 22, 2006

This new CL Coupe is fantastic!!!
Congratulation to the Mercedes team.RP

Anonymous said... »June 23, 2006

Nice!!!! But I would get the SL over that.

Anonymous said... »June 25, 2006

A total bust. They completely ruined the timeless shape of the current model with awkwardly sharp window angles, fender bulges and that ridiculous Altima crease. And if this is a coupe, why are the windows taller than the CLS sedan? They should have just made a 2-door version of the CLS, which would have been much sleeker and more stylish than this monstrosity.

Anonymous said... »June 25, 2006

Those of you complaining about the windows and the size, need to remember this is the CL. If you want a 2 door version of the CLS, wait for the new CLK. The CL is designed to be a large GT with space for 5 golf bags, the owners and their caddies. I love the new design it's not as awkward as the S class but still a welcome update to the previous model.

Anonymous said... »June 27, 2006

*sigh* Why is Mercedes doing this to themselves? The greatest name in the history of motoring and they're destroying themselves. Remember the S-Class of the 80's? The current CL, the last SL, and everything before them? They were gorgeous and timeless; they were the pinnacle of styling.

Are they really that concerned, now, with making money rather than making beautiful cars?

In 30 years no one is going to look back at their current cars and go "Geez, why don't they make cars like that anymore."

Anonymous said... »August 04, 2006

The Mercedes Benz CL is a very attractive car, but it needs to lose some weight before it becomes a true GT. It is a little too feminine. Hopefully the AMG variants will have a little more aggresive looks to them. The tail lights look somewhat awkward to me. The interior is gourgoues though. Major props for that!

Anonymous said... »March 02, 2007

I own a 2002 CL500. The 2002 shape is far more masculine than this rather feminine curvy car. I have not had the chance to drive the new model yet, but if it is better than the previous one then it must be heaven. Sad about the wish-washy outer shell!!!

Anonymous said... »November 20, 2007

!!! Mercedes keep on doing it !!! give the new CL a set of wings n uv got a luxury Jet!! after a long stressful day at the office its literally a massage on wheels in a luxury hotel!! Well Done Mercedes!! Im sure not even 'sports illustrated' gets drooled over as much, im glad the cl is not my nabours wife as id definately covet her!!

Anonymous said... »March 28, 2009

They are catering to the "look at me" ahole crowd. Each year, as the emblem gets bigger, the car gets crappier (it's a chrysler anymore).
Nobody respects, much less likes an arrogant A in a mercedes anymore. They rank right up there with a Hummer.

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