Land Rover Defender 2007 pictures


As reported earlier this year (click here: 2007 Defender), Land Rover is planning to update its
nearly immortal Defender which has been in production with various upgrades since 1948 -talk about British infatuation with the past… These phone cell pictures taken from Land Rover's Solihull factory in Birmingham give a first glimpse of the 2007 Defender which according to Land Rover, is going to on sale next spring. While its seems that the exterior remains practically the same as there are only minor changes -check out the side gills, the interior gets a more serious upgrade with Discovery (LR2 & LR3) style gauges, air vents etc.

Press Release: "Customer demand for the Defender will see Land Rover release details of a new model for 2007 later this year, including a series of significant upgrades to enhance the ownership experience and meet forthcoming legislation. It starts going on sale next spring and will help ensure that the Defender remains in production until at least 2010."

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Anonymous said... »August 01, 2006

fyi, the "side gills" you refer to are not a new thing. that is the air intake for the TD5 engine and has been standard for quite a few years now.

the only visible change on the exterior shown in this picture is the rather large bulge in the middle of the bonnet (hood) that sort of implies a notable engine upgrade!

Anonymous said... »August 01, 2006

Is the defender ever comming back to America?

Anonymous said... »August 01, 2006

Glad to see they have not chrome-sissified the Defender into a castrated grocery-getter like all the other LR models. And the campstove green is teh hotness!

Anonymous said... »August 02, 2006

The rumour here in some UK magazines is that is will have the new LR2/Freelander 2.2 TD unit (not sure about petrol engines as they just do not figure here in the UK Defender market anymore). Like the new dash as well.

Anonymous said... »August 11, 2006

The engine will be a 2.7 diesel by Ford. It will output almost 150 ps (instead of 122 today) and it will have a 6-speed gearbox.
The bonet is terrible but the interior is pretty nice.


Anonymous said... »August 11, 2006

third row seats will face at the front

Anonymous said... »November 02, 2006

i hope they are going to offer an automatic TRANNY, it will be more appealing to the younger generation!! otherwise the design is spot on!! BUT GIVE US AN AUTOMATIC OPTION PLEEEEEEASE!!!!!!


Anonymous said... »December 27, 2006

id like to see landrover get its finger out and get their product out there, if they have only planned for defender production until 2010 thats pretty lame! they already should be working on another one for than, thats if anyone still wants a defender by than, less and less people are buying them, shame really, i quite like my 130

Anonymous said... »April 20, 2007


Anonymous said... »June 16, 2007

Defender was in the US from 1992 - 1997, but stopped Land Rover discontinued importing them because of lack of demand. I really hope it comes back though.

Mike said... »November 11, 2007

In the U.S. the 110's came in 93 only.
Defender 90's were available in 94, 95, and 97 to the U.S.
They have been gone now for 10 years... so sad :(

I have a 97 for sale.

Anonymous said... »April 17, 2008

The unfortunate bonnet bulge is evocative of the odious Hummer, a style now aped by Jeep. A little late, as that "Monster Truck" look is out! And why are the true originals like LR and Jeep now imitating their imitators?

Anonymous said... »August 09, 2008

oh and i think the bulge has quite ugly proportion. it makes the defender ugly from front view. its like a huge bulging nose..

Don said... »April 24, 2009

The Defender was not discontinued in North America due to lack of demand.
What killed it was OBDII and airbag regulations. Land Rover didn't want to invest the huge amount of capital required to redesign the engine and whole front end of the Defender..
While you are right, they only sold a few thousand a year in North America, they were and still are highly praised and sought-after trucks.

Even if they did bring it back to North America, they would need to price it similar to the Jeep models currently available - does anyone think they could compete with Jeep head to head? I have 5 Land Rovers (1959, 1968, 1983, 1994, 2006) but even I have to concede that Jeep has a top-notch product in their Rubicon... factory lockers all-round! It would eat the average Defender off the lot.

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