Hyundai Arnejs Concept : Previews Hyundai's VW Golf contendor, the 2007 FD

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Following a previous release of a sketch, Hyundai came out today with live pics of its C-Segment concept, the oddly named Arnejs. Hyundai's VW Golf sized concept actually gives us a preview of next years FD production model (2007 Spring in Europe). To be honesty though, I highly doubt that it'll look so great when it rolls of Hyundai's production line as Arnejs's counterpart, the Kia cee'd production version very well proved to us a few weeks ago.

Press Release: As the designer preview "Arnejs" suggests, Hyundai's up-coming "FD" C-segment vehicle will feature up-to-date technology and a very appealing design to compete with the volume C class models of major European car manufacturers. Led by Chief Designer Thomas Burkle, the Hyundai Motor European design team in Russelsheim, Germany, based the Arnejs on the development plans for the production vehicle.

Its form language is a continuity of design elements first introduced with the Genus concept, which were further developed in order to create a strong brand identity. With the FD Hyundai expects to take another quantum leap, boosting sales and market share in the next years. Hyundai plans to launch the FD in late spring of 2007.

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