Paris Show : Kia pro cee'd Concept previews next years 3d sport hatch

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Surprise, surprise... Kia revealed the first images of its latest concept car that is scheduled to debut at the Paris Motor Show later this month. Named pro cee'd, it's based on the new C-Segment (VW Golf, Opel Astra, Ford Focus, Peugeot 307 etc) Cee'd and it previews next year's 3d version.

"Following on from the original cee'd concept car we exhibited at the Geneva Show earlier this year, our design brief for pro cee'd was to create a teaser for the all-new Kia cee'd sporty hatch which will become the third model in the cee'd line-up (after the five-door and wagon) from December 2007," explained Gregory Guillaume, Chief Designer Kia, European Design Centre.

Have to admit that the Koreans did quite a good job on designing the pro cee'd and especially its rear end which has a hint of Audi in it -ok, it shouts out loud Inglosandt... Although we wont' ever see the chunky 265/30 R19 low profile tyres or the dramatic 4seat interior, lets hope that this time, Kia will remain much closer to the concept than it did with the 5door Cee'd when the 3door version goes in production next year.

Read about the new 3door, GTi (2.0 Turbo), Station Wagon and cabrio versions of the Kia Cee’d here : Inside info on upcoming versions

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