Scooped : 2007 Hyundai FD - Arnejs production version

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s reported earlier, Hyundai announced that'll introduce a concept version of its Kia Cee'd based, 2007 FD C-Segment hatchback called Arnejs -read more here: Hyundai Arnejs, at next weeks Paris Show.

But because a few months is a long time, it wouldn't hurt anyone if we could get a sneek-preview of Hyundai's upcoming FD production version, would it ? Thanks (again) to a cell phone camera and the net, we seem to get that chance , and not only for the 5door hatch but also for the Station Wagon version.

Unfortunately though, by the looks of it, Hyundai's VW Golf & Ford Focus contender seems to have strayed away from the dynamic look of the Arnejs prototype -check out the concept's pictures bellow. Of course we see a lot of Arnejs design elements such as the rear light clusters, but that's about it. If these pics really do unveil the 2007 FD production version then, I have to say that Hyundai missed it's chance to make a difference in an, already satiated, with uninspired propositions, category.

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