Uncensored : 2007 Ford Mondeo Sedan Production Version Pictures !

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k, last week we got our share of leaked pics from the Mondeo Wagon Concept before its official Paris unveiling. But that was only a few days before and anyway, it was a concept, so not much harm done. This time though, thanks to Fordeurope (unofficial site) we get to see a whole gallery of "uncensored" pictures from the 2007 Mondeo Sedan production version -6 months ahead of it's official debut at the 2007 Geneva Motor Show in March ! The reportage says that these pics where taken during the filming of 007's Casino Royal Film, where the 2007 Mondeo has a role in it.

But enough with that, lets go back to the car itself. Got to hand it to Ford's design team for managing to keep as close as possible to last year's wonderful Iosis concept. Finally we've got a Ford sedan that doesn't look like a french toast on four wheels. And that's not all cause by the looks of the new S-MAX MPV on which the 2007 Mondeo is based on, its seems that Ford's engineers got their way and maintained Mondeo's predecessor's excellent road handling. We'll have more on the 2007 Mondeo after the Paris Show. via: Autoblog.com & Fordeurope.net

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