Alfa Romeo 8c Competizione Driving Video


Now tell me, how can you avoid falling in love with something like this? Sometimes, words can't even start to describe a man's passion... Unfortunately though, Alfa seems to think that it should only please our eye's for now, so there's no Italian V8 symphony going on here. To make it up I added Adriano Celentano's classic, "24.000 Baci" song. Hope you agree with my choice. PS: Check out the original Alfa Romeo 8c bellow that was shown in Paris

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superstar said... »October 03, 2006

good picture movie

Anonymous said... »October 03, 2006

Why must you put your logo over all these already released videos? When you capture and rencode these, they loose all their quality.

I just don't get it.

Larsen said... »October 04, 2006

Well, don't you think it is obvious why I put the Carscoop logo on? As for the quality, I’ve been having some problems with my server lately that doesn’t let me upload more than 1 MB, but I’m on to it and I’ll solve it soon

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