Embargover: 2008 Chrysler Town & Country / Voyager totally unveiled

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Oh, boy, I’d b
et you an arm and a leg that this leak will make a dozen or so heads melt down in Detroit. Following the two pics (2008 Chrysler Town & Country and the 2008 Dodge Caravan) that where leaked in a Spanish forum yesterday, today, another Spanish site named “KM77” came out with a full set of pics featuring the new Chrysler Voyager –aka, the 2008 Chrysler Town & Country in the States. Here’s the badly translated (but understandable) version of KM77’s article:

“Throughout 2007, it will be on sale the new Chrysler Voyager. In the United States, it’s sold as the "Town & Country" and it’s the same car as the Dodge Caravan. With respect to the Voyager that still is sold there are great differences in the designs of the outside and the interior. Like the previous model, it has seven seats, with two individual seats in the second row and a sidewalk of three seats in third. The seats of the second row are revolving, they have apoyabrazos integrated and it is possible to be placed a table between those seats and the one of the third row.

In addition, there is an electrical device that is in charge to fold and to unfold —by sections— the seat of the third row. There are some details of quality, like the inner mirror to watch the back rows, the good inner illumination and the compartment portaobjetos that there is throughout the ceiling. This compartment of the ceiling lodges two panoramic displays, so that the occupants of the rows second and third can see films in DVD and connect a videoconsola or another reproductive compatible multimedia.

In addition, there are other portaobjetos compartments. It emphasizes the console that there is between both front seats, that have several drawers and posavasos. Among other elements of equipment, it could have control of stability, climatizador of three zones, leather seats with electrical adjustment and calefactables, elevalunas electrical in the second row, automatic ignition of lights, controls in the steering wheel, rear-view electrocrómico interior, programmer of speed and navigator with maps in DVD and screen in color.

The back lateral doors and the inner door have electrical opening from the interior. The inner door finalizes in the ground of the maletero, is no inferior frame, which favors the load of the maletero. Some of these elements will be of series —according to versions—, others will be available as optional equipment and others will be specific for the American version.

At the moment, a Chrysler Voyager with two different bodies is sold: one cuts (4.80 ms) and another long one (5.10 ms), both with seven seats. There are four motors to choose in the present Voyager, two gasoline (2.4 lt 152 Hp and 3.3 lt of 174 Hp) and two Diesel engine (2.5 lt 143 HP and 2.8 lt 150 Hp). In addition, there are 4wheel drive versions. In some markets, the new Voyager will also be offered with a 4.0-litre, 6-cylinder gasoline engine. The photos of this information correspond to the American version "Town & Country". The European version could have slight differences in the design and the equipment. “

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