New Audi A1 / A2 Rendering


It’s no secret that Audi is planning to substitute the unsuccessful A2 hatch with a premium supermini aimed straight at BMW’s MINI but also, at Alfa’s upcoming Junior hatch. Rumors have it the A1 or A2, will go on sale on both sides of the Atlantic sometime in 2009. Till then we’ll have to be contempt with renderings like this one from Andrea Rosati of Infomotori. Obviously inspired from the Shooting Brake concept, Rosati penned a dynamic hatch though we'll have to disagree with the front end which looks likes it suffers from “gigantism”.

Unlike the current all-aluminium A2, the new A1 / A2 will have a steel body and it’ll share many components with the VW Group’s B segment cars (VW Polo, Seat Ibiza & Skoda Fabia). Expect 1.4 TSI and 1.8 TSFI petrol engines as well as a full range of TDI diesel motors. Via: & Infomotori

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Anonymous said... »January 24, 2007


le devant me fait penser à une PT cruiser de chrysler.
The Front end looks like the ugly PT cruiser from chrysler.

This site is in my daylies, I just cant keep away more than 2 days.
good job.

Anonymous said... »March 18, 2007

Way cool! I'm ready to put down a deposit! This will be an incredible companion for my 2007 A3 Quattro. And, if Santa is very nice next year, it'll fit in with the nice new A5 (hopefully) under the tree.

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