BMW 3-Series Coupe with a... 250Hp Honda S2000 engine!

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Ok, I agree a 140Hp 4cylinder 1.8-liter engine doesn’t quite fit the “Ultimate Driving Machine” moto that describes a BMW model. But, to go on and fit a… 250hp 2.0 VTEC Honda S2000 engine on a 318is Coupe, that’s plump crazy and yes, we just love it!

Forget about the screaming Japanese chick in the pink cowboy hat, be patient with the “get to know you” scenes at the start of the video, and get a load of that superb Honda motor screaming aloud inside the bimmers chassis! Just look at that rev needle breaking with ease the 7.000 rpm end point of the bimmers tachometer continuing its course towards the other way! Via:

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