Hit & Run: Spectators run over by rally car in Romanian "Raliul Brasovului 2007"


Unbelievable… and I’m not talking about the accident itself but about the cold-blooded rally driver
who swept half a dozen of people as he slid out of course and didn’t blink an eye. The accident happened on Saturday during the Romanian Rally, "Raliul Brasovului 2007". From what we learned, three spectators suffered light injuries and one was seriously injured on the head –lets hope he’s all right. Ok, it’s obvious that the spectators where watching the race from an area, they shouldn’t have been in the first place, but jeez, you don’t just crash into half a dozen of people and continue the race as if nothing happened… -Continued: Click “Read More…” below to see one more video of the accident

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Anonymous said... »March 07, 2007

Well what else is he going to do? They shouldn't have been there in the first place. They knew the risks, it was up to them to take precaution. The driver just had to continue on doing what he was there to do, race.

Anonymous said... »March 08, 2007

Damn straight. WTF is he supposed to do? Get out and cry about it? He's got a race to run, and it shouldnt be stopped because spectators couldn't keep themselves safe.

Anonymous said... »March 08, 2007

YOU SICK S-O-B-S! What if that was your mom standing at the wrong spot...or one of your kids!!would you be say'n the same thing?? ohh its ok to just keep race'n!
send your commentz back if you gotz a problem with what I had to say!

Anonymous said... »March 08, 2007

No, seriously, if you were to do something wrong and something happened, who is to blamed? Newayz why would your mom or kid be standing at a dangerous spot (ie, next to a rally track)??? If you drank and drove, and you crashed, will you push the blame to someone else? Someone was wrong in the 1st place. Get a grip, things happen. Especially when you're in a spot you shouldn't been. No hard feelings yo. =)

Anonymous said... »June 18, 2007

Actually that is exactly what he is supposed to do. Every person that watches Rally, EVERY person, knows the risks of standing on the side of the track. See in Romania, and most countries that run organized pro rally, they are not a bunch of
I'll sue you" happy idiots that go places just so they might get hurt and sue someone. They go to see the race and i'll bet you not one of them said anything about sueing the driver, or his team or the race organizers or anyone else. They chalked it up as being in the wrong place. That's the way most of the rest of the world thinks.

Anonymous said... »September 16, 2007

the driver of the car did the right thing and kept going. ive been to tons of rallys and the worst place to be is on the outside of a corner after a decent straight away (a wet slippery one too). if the driver stopped it would have been a hazard for the next car on the rally, and what is he supposed to do about it? thats what the marshals are for!,

willonpill said... »September 26, 2008

Common sense kinda tells you that the outside of a corner is not the place to stand during a race...

CRXcro said... »April 17, 2009

and what was he suposed to do?? give them mouth to mouth?? he knows that the ambulance is going to be there in just a few minutes, so why not continue the race?? idiots shouldn't have been there in the first place.. ..

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