2007 Hyundai H1-Van / Starex

A couple of months after its Seoul Show debut, Hyundai introduced its all-new full size van to the members of the press on May 25th in Kyungju, South Korea. Available in commercial (cargo) and passenger versions (8seater) and offered either with a 100Hp 2.5-liter Common Rail Diesel or a 175Hp 2.4-liter Theta petrol engine, the H1-Van, also know as the Starex in the domestic market, will primarily target vans like the VW Transporter, Ford Transit and Mercedes Vito. Production of the diesel edition starts this August while the petrol version will be available after November 2007. -Press release and high-res image gallery after the jump

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All-New Hyundai H-1 Van (pictures below)

With its sophisticated lines, the all-new H-1 (project codename TQ) improves on its predecessor in every measurable respect. More spacious, more comfortable and more convenient, the new H-1 reinvigorates Hyundai competitiveness in this hotly contested segment. The new H-1 comes in passenger van and commercial van versions. The people mover is available in a variety of seating layouts: eight, nine, 11 or 12 passenger while the commercial van comes in two, three, five and six seater versions for a a high degree of versatility.

Engines: For all markets outside of Korea and the EU, power for the new H-1 is provided by a 2.5-liter turbocharged intercooled engine (4D56). Euro-III emissions-compliant, the 4D56 delivers 100ps of horsepower and 23kg m of torque whilst delivering 9.4km per litre of fuel. It's mated to a five-speed manual gearbox or the optional four-speed automatic. For the EU and Korean markets, the new H-1 gets the A 2.5 CRDi, a Euro-IV compliant engine which with the assistance of a Variable Geometry Turbocharger delivers 170ps and 40kg m of torque.

The base gearbox is a five-speed manual but an automatic is available as an option, in either four- or five-speed versions, depending on local market requirements. For markets requiring gasoline propulsion, the 2.4-liter Theta engine is a new offering to the range. Delivering 170ps and 22.8kg m of torque, the Theta can propel the new H-1 to a maximum speed of 185km/h and has a fuel economy rating of 7.1km per litre. Key new exterior features include the addition of dual sliding side doors, twin swing rear doors (commercial van only), enlarged wheels and tires (205/70R15 -> 215/70R16), back-up warning system (passenger van only) and a sliding side window (wagon only).

New touches to the interior include the mounting of the transmission gear shift lever to the center fascia for obstructionless movement between the driver seat and front passenger seat and the addition of an overhead storage console. The new H-1 is also fitted with an electro-chromic rear view mirror and new roof-mounted air vents for improved cooling and heating throughout the cabin. The new H-1 gets 16-inch front disc brakes providing better braking power than the H-1's 15-inch discs. And for improved handling, it's fitted with a MacPherson strut front suspension. Production of the new H-1 diesel edition starts in August 2007 while the petrol version won't be available until after November 2007.


Man With a Van said... »August 24, 2007

I'm very glad that now Hyundai has a new van with such a good features. I like Hyundai a lot and always was waiting for van, as I need a van, not a small car.

van man said... »September 23, 2007

Can we know the release date of the commercial van in Australia please? Thank you!

Van sales London said... »October 05, 2007

Nice car! looks like future-train

Anonymous said... »November 04, 2007

As a courier in Australia, this is what I want! As long as the price is not the same as a HiAce or Renault Traffic, I will buy it, I hope the price range would be like a Pregio! I want a Vito or VW Transporter, but too expensive, if Hyundai can put this van on the market with Air Con and Auto for $25000 Drive Away, I bet they will kill the HiAce market! We want good look also and not just cheap and ugly like Mitsubishi Express oe Mazda.

mtrivino said... »November 22, 2007

Acaba de llegar este modelo a Chile y por lo que veo la que ofrecen aca no trae los aseientos que giran en la segunda corrido y tampoco el sistema de GPS, de todos modos parece un muy buen modelo muy funcional, aca llego en $ 13.490.000 algo asi como USD 26.872,50

mapman said... »November 30, 2007

I know it will be more reliable than the fleet of 6 Mercedes Vitos I have a present.

AustraliaPost said... »December 02, 2007

C'mon, this is the guy that work Australia Post again, does anyone knows when will it arrive and how much? Went shopping for a HiAce MWB Auto at $37G Driveaway!!! VW T5 Diesel Auto $42.5 G Driveaway, hope this nice Starex will be $24.990 Driveaway!!!AND in Auto.

Anonymous said... »December 06, 2007

To Australia Post Guy. I called Hyundaii and they said van will be rleased this month or early January 2008. I am in the sam eboat as you. Loked at merc and toyota way ovcerpriced. Was told around 30k for thi hyundaii van :(

anonymous said... »January 01, 2008

when will this van be available in US? i had a starex before and was very happy with it.

Anonymous said... »January 29, 2008

Wow its a great van I guess, now I drive Trajet its a nice car for me and Starex I thought much-much better. Seems it will kill Toyota Alphard as well. I'd love to have this car. Nice shape, model and design. Hyundai always come out with good features but reasonable price. If they set the same price, people will not choose Hyundai. For me: if we can have good cars with complete feature in reasonable price, why we have to spend a lot of money just to buy a "brand"!?

fal ta said... »March 16, 2008

I have one of this car now,and I think that it`s the best van of this year

Anonymous said... »July 05, 2008

I own one and just love. Would suggest that in future version they add rails on the roof, like the Tucson, to load skis, a fun board and the like.

Eurovans said... »May 28, 2009

Hyundai are really missed-up car company. Their cars and vans were once unique and different that represented good value - not anymore. So what you’re left with is me-too stylish.

Paul Michael said... »June 14, 2009

Welsh Paul in Philippines
Well now, I took delivery of the Hyundai H1-Van, Auto, Diesel 2.5 version in November and I am very impressed indeed. Full leather upholstery and all the trimmings.
One of the most comfortable drives I have had for a long time, very powerful with very good acceleration right through the range. I have driven, Merc's, BM's, Fords, and we still have our Suzuki Grand Vitara for the times when we need the Four Wheel Drive but the Hyundai is so much more comfortable and more powerfull.
My only thought is that they could create a four wheel Drive version but other than that I am a very Happy Driver and a convert to Hyundai.

Paul Michael said... »June 18, 2009

Welsh Paul in Philippines
A further comment . . after driving the van for six months now my ONLY criticism is that there is no Rear Window Windscreen Wiper as standard. It is Needed and should be standard.

e-man said... »June 25, 2009

im from brunei. true inded the H1 is comfort and power but so sad no rear windscreen! because of the vortex wind build up while driving its lift the dirt up and cover the rear screen. i think roof spolier will solve the vortex problem, trouble is the agent dont have it in my country, try to order via internet but cant find the site! help. The 2nd version just arrived month ago has rear windscreen wiper as a standard. guess have to change the whole rear door and hand controls for the wiper.

Anonymous said... »June 10, 2010

Is the H1 equipped with electronic accelerator system or a bowden cable ?

Anonymous said... »June 10, 2010

Is the 2008 H1 equipped with the electronic accelerator system or a bowden cable one?

Anonymous said... »July 24, 2010

Have a Hyundai Van now, want a new one! When will the new ones be available in the US?

Diesel Power Chips said... »September 05, 2011

Hey Hyundai is the superb car and it is just amazing....I liked information....good work...keep it up..:)

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