I’ll Be Pimped… A MINI Cooper Adorned With a Million Swarovski Crystals!


The characterization “bling-bling” is definitely an understatement for this Cooper. Dubbed “American Icon”, the glittering MINI is the work of CrystalArt and it’ll be on display at the upcoming National Stationery Show, May 20-23, at NY City’s Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. It features over one-million Swarovski crystals in 50 different shades of color. Each crystal was scrupulously hand placed and it took four people 6 months to complete. The designs on the car portrays American scenery and symbols including The Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore etc. The total cost of the “American Icon”? A crystal and a dollar… -More Images after the jump

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Anonymous said... »May 18, 2007

Great idea, disappointing execution...
They took 2 beautiful things - a MINI, and crystal, and produced an amazingly expensive example of tackiness.

I'm sure many will be dazzled, however...

AfterGlow said... »May 18, 2007

Bling, at its finest!

Anonymous said... »October 15, 2007

Im so disappointed....I've seen pimped Coopers and this my amigos isn't one. It's creative ,but not pimpen.
To see some real coopers go to or to get some amazing upgrades to this Beemer go to It's chamazing.
Great idea, poor execution

Anonymous said... »January 20, 2010

abot the mini the buteful swarovski mini its butful i wont it now ok

Anonymous said... »March 04, 2012

What an expensive piece of corny junk. It's like a shrunken redneck truck. Tasteless.

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