2009 Toyota Land Cruiser Spied Again

John Doe’s Lexus LX570, or in plain car-English, the 2009 Toyota Land Cruiser has been spotted again performing tests in the Arabian Peninsula and specifically, in Dubai (UAE). The only notable exterior difference between the ’09 Land Cruiser and the Lexus LX570 seem to concern the rear-light clusters and while you can’t see it in these pics, the redesigned front-end.

Inside, Toyota’s LX570 is equipped with a slightly redesigned and less luxurious version of the Lexus dashboard. Surprisingly, in comparison with the previous test car spotted in Oman, the’09 Land Cruiser in Dubai features a different instrument cluster with “3D” shaped gauges. As you might have guessed already, the new Land Cruiser will probably be equipped with the same 381Hp 5.7 V8 found in its ’08 Lexus counterpart. -Continued: Click “Read More…” below

Pics via: carspyshots


Anonymous said... »August 14, 2007

I would call this a Bland Cruiser,
no character, no uniqueness; plain vanilla.

The instrument cluster with the deep dish "cups" around the tach and speedo are a BIG mistake,
you would think someone would have reminded them that it didn't work in the early Lexus IS cars, so why try it again on the LC??!!

This is basic ergonomics; it is distracting and difficult to look down a tunnel to check your instruments; DUHH.

Guess I'll have to keep driving my 1996 LC for another 10 years, maybe they will start listening to their customer base by then, and not the left-coast designers that want to make everything vanilla and pc.


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