Replica: Toyota MR2 Based Ferrari 360 Spyder

Clearly, not even your grandma would mistake this third-generation Toyota MR2 based replica for a real Ferrari but that doesn’t mean we’re not giggly impressed with its miniature 360 Spyder looks in the same way we were dazed a couple of months ago with the mini Smorche. If anything else it looks kinda cute –holy merde, I just said the “c” word… What I meant to say is it that looks endearing in a masculine, petrol-headed way. I think… Well, you know what I mean. -Follow the jump for more pictures

Link: ebay

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Duke said... »June 11, 2007

So much better than the original, which was obviously subbed out to the lowest bidder, possibly Tonka.

Anonymous said... »June 17, 2007


Anonymous said... »June 19, 2007

I think it is a cute car, and probably fun to drive! Sure, most people know it is not real, but makes a good conversation starter!

Will C said... »June 22, 2007

Well, that's a statement that you don't have the dough to own a Ferrari, but still shows that you are capable of ruining your Toyota plus a couple of thousand of dollars to pretend that you have one, even though anyone could say it's a fake.

Worse, you may even make some bucks because there's certainly other lame people who'd pay for it.

Tronfi said... »June 27, 2007

Look this :). It's Spain.

Anonymous said... »June 30, 2007

You think this car is lame and a travesty, you should see it in person. Pics look 10xs better than the car! The red paint looks like finger nail polish. This is SC, and even these rednecks around here aren't fooled by this horrendous wanna-be. Course, if you people knew the owner, you would not be shocked. He is a bigger fake than his car! It takes a pretentious egomaniac to drive this junk on the road trying to pass it off as the real thing!Trust me, it's the perfect car for him! He is so proud, he has a custom tag with his first name on it! According to the DMV, this replica is valued at about 1/3 less that his Buy It Now price on Ebay! After the bloggers started posting pics and bashing the car, he was unable to sell it even when he relisted it for a few grand less. At least the readers of this site and others didn't get duped! Good luck trying to sell it loser! You are going to need it!

focsa said... »July 03, 2007

good job man !

Anonymous said... »August 18, 2008

I've got almost no problem with this car, except for the Ferrari badge. That end of it is pathetic. If you want to modify a Toyota, go ahead, but design your own label to put on it for anything else is just plain tacky.


Anonymous said... »February 02, 2009

If you want that ferrari look I have a Ferenzo
and beleive me its a beauty,well made and
worth the price.
I bought this kit for a reason, I am sick and
tired of the car manufacture shoving the bullshit down my throat of high $$$$$ for junk
cars and poor gas milage, the Toyota Mr2 is
the perfect solution for me almost 40 mpg
reliability,and that Ferrari look!!! Oh yea one more thing, a real Ferrari is a piece of shit!!

Anonymous said... »October 17, 2009

sum jealous bstards on ere the car looks mint if u think u look beter in an mr2 than a ferrari replica u must b inbread utit

Anonymous said... »November 07, 2009

LOL, I wouldn't say no too one, least you ain't got shitty ferrari service costs with the real thing and how unrelieble the real thing are!! take y word for it, people who slate this replica are seriously jelious, I rather a Mr2 ferrari replica than the real thing again!!!

I agree the guy above!

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