Smart Fortwo - Shelby Mustang GT500 Eleanor Replica!

What will they think of next; Fiat 500's dressed as Porsche's and Smart Fortwo's like Nicolas Cage’s 1967 Shelby GT500 Eleanor in the movie “Gone in 60 seconds”! Ok, agreed; this is more like “Circumcised in 60 seconds” but this mini would definitely score triples AAA’s in a head turner contest. Entitled Smart Eleanor GT 50% the prototype was created in 2004 by Thalondesign, a tuning company based in Stockholm, Sweden. And no, Thalondesign didn’t proceed to any mechanical alterations leaving the stock, 60Hp 0.8-liter 3cylinder turbocharged engine safe and sound in the rear deck. -Click “Read More…” below for more images along with a video

Source: Thalondesign , Via: Caradisiac

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Weston said... »June 05, 2007

ooh man, I would be down for this if they put the hyabusa engine in it...this would end up being a ridiculous jaw-dropper/head-scratcher.

Anonymous said... »June 05, 2007

and of course, the fast-talking guy from the micro-machines commercials.

Anonymous said... »May 09, 2008

this is a kickass car man i wo9uld so buy it yeah!
The real Shelby Mustang GT500 is a sweet ride and i would way rather drive it i mean look at how sexy it is hellz yeah

Anonymous said... »October 02, 2009

foreals juz tell me when ar u gona sell

Anonymous said... »January 17, 2010

One word -- RETARDED!

Anonymous said... »March 12, 2010

Thalon is a fraud

Anonymous said... »May 01, 2010

that was some serious Ugly shit

Anonymous said... »September 21, 2010

I really would drive it love Mustang Eleanor gt 500 it's great they took a shitty car and turned it into a small look a like i think it's awesome.

Anonymous said... »November 06, 2010

how about smashed in 60 seconds

Rtrtrtrt said... »September 24, 2011

bull shit

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