Chinese Toyota RAV4 & BMW X5 Clones Coming To Frankfurt

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“Frankfurtians” beware, here come the attack of the clones leaded by CEO and UFO RV… Just to clarify, these are not fictional but the actual names of the two Chinese SUV’s. According to German magazine Automobile Industrie, both cars will be shown by Munich-based China Automobile Deutschland at the Frankfurt Show in September.

We’ve previewed both models in the past but to refresh your memory, the Shuanghuan CEO (or SCEO) borrows several styling elements from the BMW X5 and Toyota Land Cruiser SUVs while the Zhejiang Jonway UFO RV which made its first Euro appearance at last year’s Bolonga Show as the DR, kinda reminds us of the previous generation Toyota RAV4, we’re not exactly sure why, but it does… Oh, don’t you lust to be a fly in the air when Toyota execs take a look at the UFO in Frankfurt? -Continued after the jump

The magazine reports that both SUV’s will go on sale in Germany this October. Notably, the SCEO or CEO, is already available in Italy with France, Holland and Belgium following shortly as distributors have already been appointed. Additionally, Automobile Industrie notes that China Automobile Deutschland will also preview an ultra-low priced Chinese mini hatch that will sell in Germany for less than €7.000 or $10.000. ADAC, ADAC are you listening...



Via: Automobile Industrie