Shuanghuan Sceo: Chinese BMW X5 Copy-Cat Coming To Europe!

They just won’t let it go, will they? What if every Chinese car tested by Germany’s ADAC has miserably failed at the crash tests; who cares! Just keep bringing them in and at some point we’ll accept them. Following the Landwind SUV and the Brilliance BS6 Sedan, next up from China is the Shuanghuan Sceo SUV that will be distributed by a new French car dealer named “AZ Motors”. The latter announced that it has been appointed as distributor of the Chinese 4x4 in France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

However, with the Sceo, safety isn’t the only thing Europeans should be worried about as you don’t need the imagination of J.K. Rowling to see that Shuanghuan’s SUV is inspired from the previous generation BMW X5 with a touch of Toyota Land Cruiser up front. We might find it hilarious, but we’re sure as hell that BMW execs aren’t finding this at all funny… -Continued: Click “Read More…” below

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Anonymous said... »July 06, 2007

This not remind BMW

William Lee said... »July 06, 2007

It looks like they also infringed the Ssangyong logo.

Anonymous said... »July 06, 2007

From the back? Hell yeah, definitely BMW -- unless you've never seen one before. The front looks more like an Isuzu pickup (called a Holden down under) with a Ssangyong badge. Gees, why bother morphing two different vehicles, just copy one, the good one. But that's OK, if they couldn't get toothpaste right, I'm sure this will fail miserably in a crash test.

John Dunn said... »June 20, 2008

I sat in one in Suzhou recently. The interior is quite a yawner. Cloth, with a 5-speed manual transmission. No leather as far as the eye can see. No side air bags.

Anonymous said... »June 27, 2008

BMW don't be afraid, they will certainly not produce cars with the same high norms and definition as yours. It is a POOR clone, The back look like a X5, the front doesn't look at all at a BMW.

Anonymous said... »March 09, 2009


Anonymous said... »May 20, 2009

toyota pardo by frunt bmw x5 by back

Anonymous said... »July 14, 2009

how about parts? where do you get replacment parts for it? do they have to come from china?

Anonymous said... »January 28, 2010

can i ask a question is this car such a piece of shit like i hear because i have a family and i got a really good deal on one 2009 full extra, if it is dangerous i shouldn't buy it

Anonymous said... »May 09, 2010

lol considering how bad bmw's actually are (if you own one, youl know what i mean xD). I wouldnt be surprised if this is much more reliable than the actual bmw X5.

Chiran said... »October 07, 2011

front looks like a 2002 Honda CRV..isnt it?

tina said... »February 05, 2012

would you please tell me how much do they cost i cant find price anywhere thank you tina

Anonymous said... »February 05, 2012

This is the best " cut & shut" ever! Lol!

nobelius_rainbow said... »April 19, 2012

Hopefully they get sewed all the way..Unbelievable. Have seen some footage of fit & finish on the CEO X5 clone and its not just Jesus that wept..

jeroem said... »June 19, 2012

The posters on here make me laugh. BMW don't be afraid? They did take legal action and lost!
Spare parts? There are a lot which come from China anyway, for any car!
Who cars about loyalty to main stream manufacturers?

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