Vauxhall VXR8 Gets Supercharged


Funny ain't it; while Americans are still patiently waiting for the 362 Hp Pontiac G8, on the other side of the Atlantic, the Brits are being offered a supped up version of the HSV! As of this October, Vauxhall will offer a supercharger kit on the option list of the Holden Commodore HSV Clubsport R8 based, VXR8. The addition of the supercharger boosts the 6.0L V8’s output from the standard car’s 412 Hp (307 KW) to a massive 540 Hp while maximum torque is also enhanced by around 30 per cent.

Vauxhall hasn’t released any performance figures but since the standard 412 Hp version with the manual gearbox sprints from 0 to 60 mph in 4,9 seconds we wouldn’t be surprised if it managed a sub 4,5 sec. time. The supercharger can be ordered
either as an extra or it can be fitted retrospectively by any of you luck Brits who’ve already parked a VXR8 under your garage. Either way, the cost of the kit is £6995 or $14,100 and it comes with a three-year factory guarantee.


RocketPunch said... »September 03, 2007

Thats M5 territory! Hope it had the kind of handling that can coop with that kinda power.

Anonymous said... »September 04, 2007

Only 540hp, I thought it would be running 600hp. Not that I've seen it or anything...

Anonymous said... »September 04, 2007

For $14,100 it seems a little steep.

Anonymous said... »September 19, 2007

I bet at $14100 every second Clubsport/GTS order here in oz would get the box ticked!!!!!

Anonymous said... »October 29, 2007

My VZ 6L Murph running at 450hp handles extremely well on Pukekohe race track so I don't see any reason why the VE at 550 or so HP will be anything less than great. As a credit to the car....not me, on my first outing on the V8 Supercar race track I was in the 1.09s. I agree with other postings I would order the GTS supercharged to New Zealand if I could....perhaps HSV will export this model to NZ at some stage...

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