Toyota Prius Stretch Limo!

Is this one… happy Toyota Prius or what! Created by a Canadian in Canada –don’t laugh, we’ve seen Canadians in other places too, the custom made Prius hybrid Limo is equipped with six doors and it can accommodate 10 passengers in its interior. Follow the jump to see the work that was done in order to transformer the Prius into a stretch limo. -Continued

Via: Le Blog Auto


Anonymous said... »October 19, 2007

That's not a car, that's a lunchbox!

Henri said... »October 19, 2007

So what they have done is, they've taken a rubbish car, with rubbish exterior and rubbish performance and turned it into a more rubbish car, with even worse looks and more rubbish-er performance! huzzah!

cor_van_de_water said... »October 21, 2007

Hehehe, it seems some people are envious enough to make derogatory comments.
I find it a very cool way to use two crashed Prii and make a unique vehicle! Of course, the Prius is already a very fun car to drive and has amazing interior room, if you ever bothered to sit inside one and to top it all off, the economy cannot be beat. Anyway, congrats on this really great car.

Anonymous said... »July 24, 2008

Hey that´s cool, I´d love to see California´s Governor on this Prius, it is at least a good way to say, I know a ruined our enviroment with my fuel gusling Hummer, but I´m making it all up now. A fuel efficient limo, thats nice.

Paul said... »September 20, 2010

I think it would be fun to see one in the midle of manhattan during rush hour. I am pretty sure that it will catch everyone'attention.

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