VW MicroBus Limousine

This 60’s MicroBus limousine made a special appearance at the VW Bus Exhibition in Hanover earlier this month (October 5 to 9) to celebrate the Microbus’ 60th anniversary. We don’t know any specific details about the MicroBus stretched limo but it certainly goes down as one heck of a cool car in our books. Can you imagine what it would be like owning a vehicle like the MicroBus limo in 70’s; totally orgylicious to say the least… -More images after the jump


Anonymous said... »October 21, 2007

man i would love to use that at my wedding one day!

Anonymous said... »October 22, 2007

wow; I hope that thing has a small block hidden somewhere. My splitie is pretty slow as it is and adding an extea 1000 lb. of steel ain't gonna improve things.
Also, moving the center of preasure
another 10 feet ahead of the C of G should make the wake off of the Semis passing you(you passing semis probably not gonna hapen)real interesting. Plasitc pants anyone?

TheBreeze said... »January 27, 2008

Old school to the max! Beautiful splittie!

Bb said... »February 07, 2008

omg! i luv it!!

Otmar said... »February 08, 2008

Much prettier than my Vanagon stretch! So sweet!
Mine is at


Gerry said... »February 23, 2008

Nice job!! I would swap my stretch vanagon for that bus in an instant.

Check it out:

Cheers, Gerry

Anonymous said... »March 22, 2008

one of the 80's rock bands i think Van Hallen had a bus like this at the 1990 bugorama in orange county california. I have pics of it in my album of shows i've been at.

Anonymous said... »July 31, 2008

This Bus was started by Derrek Gregg in Lancaster, CA in the early 90's, he sold it off before finishing it. The new owner didn't do much with it and ended up trading it to Bob Koch (Koch's VW) in Santa Clarita for a restored Oval window bug. Once Bob had it he gave it the full treatment, finishing it off and took it to many VW shows in Southern and Northern California.In the late 90's Bob Koch sold it too Bob Van Hedst (BBT) in Belgium and that's where it is today. Once Bob had it at BBT he did some upgrades to the engine and a few minor repairs, but for the most parts it's the same as it was when it was here in California.

Anonymous said... »November 13, 2008

hey, can the owner of that VW email me at because i was just wondering if i can hire this VW for my year 11 prom. many other people are also interested into wanting to joint hire this limo.


Anonymous said... »January 26, 2009

I would love to surprise my fiance on our wedding day with a ride in this MicroBus Limo. Please, please contact me at


Anonymous said... »March 12, 2009
Please could you email me, I would like to know if this is available for hire for my prom in June, however its in Lincoln..
Thank You.

Anonymous said... »May 16, 2009

Dead Tour here I come...Id love to suck down some balloonz in the Deadlot in this beauty!! =-)

oaklandeasy said... »June 05, 2012

What size is the new motor cuz the stock motor wouldn't push that to the speed limit.

Richard Alan Blake said... »September 23, 2012

I have an original, non-stretch version of this beauty called the Hippie Limo! It is a 1965 Volkswagen Samba Microbus with a complete original restoration that includes skylight windows, a 5-foot open-air canvas sunroof, a period-perfect interior, and the one modern concession of a 1000-watt sound system. I use it for weddings, date nights, beer and wine tours, etc. in the Denver and Boulder, Colorado areas. Take a look at our vintage retro-mod Wayback machine at If nothing else, I guarantee it will make you smile!

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