War Crimes: Soldiers Destroy Rare Lamborghini LM002 SUV In Iraq

Here’s a story that will make all you octane-lovers sob like a kid who dropped his ice cream. On July 18, 2004, American soldiers at a USA military base near Baqubah, Iraq used this navy-blue Lamborghini LM002 (powered by a Countach V12 engine) once owned by Uday Hussein, one of Saddam Hussein's sons, to simulate the effects of a V.B.IE.D. (Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device).

In plain English, the unaware soldiers took one of the rarest cars of our time (only 300 Lamborghini LM002s were ever built), packed it with explosives, parked it next to a concrete barrier similar in construction to those surrounding the base and blew it up to pieces. We’re aware that these guys were just doing their work and that the LM002 is a relatively unknown quantity, but nevertheless, it’s a pretty shame that no one knew what they had in their hands. -Image gallery after the jump

Via: Motorpasion , Source: Lamborghini Registry


Azure said... »October 28, 2007

I agree, it's a shame, but I'm glad they blew it up.

Such rare car should NOT be owned by Hussein. I feel sorry for that car being used by Hussein and all those years long being tainted from them.

Blowing it up puts that car to rest.
This LM002 is freed.

I'm sure no one want to buy a tainted car.

Good work, Soldiers!
(I'm sure they knew...)

Btw... didn't say Lamborghini planned on remaking LM002 model recently?

Alexandros said... »October 28, 2007

What has who owned it have to do with destroying an extremely rare car Azure? Sorry, but I cant find the logic behind this.

If Hussein had ancient artifacts in his possession for example, then the soldiers should have blown them up too?

The Deuce said... »October 28, 2007

I would certainly buy a LMOO2 even if it had been owned by Hussein. What a story to tell people.....Yeah, guess who owned my LM002 before me?

Anonymous said... »October 29, 2007

It is second time when you publish this news.

Shame on you - it's not so cool!

John said... »October 29, 2007

Anon#:I lost you there -explain please :-)

Anonymous said... »October 29, 2007

The news is very-very old

Back in march, I hear about this Lamborghini LM 002 destroyed by american army on every blog on the internet

And I think carscoop published then the story.

Anonymous said... »October 29, 2007

Blowing up a very rare car is just the dumbass thing you amricans do. That's why your country has no history or just blow it up all the time.

John said... »October 29, 2007

Generalizing, is never a good thing. You're being unfair by characterizing 300 million human beings by the action of just a few people.

EvolutionIXMR said... »October 29, 2007

It's amazing how everyone is concerned with the LM's fate. I also agree that it was a sad a distastful thing to do. But open your eyes people!
I see countless pictures & videos of soldiers wasting time & amunitions on stuff like this...for what? To get a laugh?
Do you people not realize that this is costing US taxpayers money? Amunitions, bullets, missles, bombs, etc. aren't free. It costs US money.
Ever wonder why they always state before a war the cost estimate? In the billions. For what? To blow up crap when their bored? Pathetic if you ask me.

Anonymous said... »October 30, 2007

WOW, what a bunch of idiots, how much tnt did they use there? well, I guess they take after there president

Kamal said... »November 08, 2007

Typical US military behavior. What do you expect from soldiers with little knowledge about the world outside the farm, let alone outside the US? They once shut dead a teenage mechanic's apprentice because they mistook the alternator he was running with for a bomb.

Michael said... »November 24, 2007

I don't think they realized what it was. Most people don't know of the Lamborghini LM002, or its rareness.

It was just a good car in a bad place at the wrong time.

It's not like it looked like an automotive relic or anything. Can't blame 'em really.

Anonymous said... »May 27, 2008

BS, they don't look professional, they look like they are having fun like a bunch of teenage punks.

jetmiller said... »July 14, 2008

Stupid troops! they should of been reprimanded, big time. Idiots!!!

the flying dutchmann said... »September 20, 2008


W140-V12 said... »October 21, 2008

I agree these guys might seriously be retarded. Didn't they see a Lamborghini badge sitting somewhere on that car?? That should be incentive enough not to destroy it.

Pitty said... »December 24, 2008

Hahaha they might though it looked like a cheap copy of the humvee that the US army uses and they probably thought it was crap.

Pitty it was a very good car (stupid US troops).

But the thing is that the LM 002 was originally designed for the US millitary when lamborghini was owned by chrysler but Hummer got the deal instead.

The LM002 would have been like the Tatra 87 to the Germans(google it).

Anonymous said... »January 08, 2009

CAN WE ALL JUST CALM THE FUCK DOWN?!?! i'm a true petrolhead, and i love things like this! it's a bleeding shame really, if you ask me, but look at the state of it! it didn't exactally look like a super rare italian supertruck! it looked like a shitty middle eastern HMMWV knock off. so stop acting like infants! the army made a mistake! GET OVER IT.

Anonymous said... »July 12, 2009

yeah!it´s a lambo a "rambo lambo"
it´s a shame
damm stupid people

Anonymous said... »September 20, 2009

This "great" nation...

Anonymous said... »October 02, 2009

Sorry to Say but how could the miltary not see it was a lmbo form the ebmlems it kind of dum of them.

Anonymous said... »November 21, 2009

Why do you think they only made 300? It was an ugly duckling nobody wanted. I love exotic and rare cars but I'm not crying over this one.

Anonymous said... »November 21, 2009

it honestly doesnt look like it was salvageable. I mean, the inside was gutted already.

I think all you people are making a waaaaaaay bigger deal out of this than necessary. As long as theres at least one of these "rare cars" left (I've never heard of the thing, and it certainly doesn't look cool to me) somewhere, everything is fine.

Anonymous said... »November 26, 2009

I am one of the EOD(Explosive Ordnance Disposal) soldiers that blew this vehicle up. I totally agree that it was a shame to blow this vehicle up, but what were we to do with it. We had jocked about taking it apart and shipping it back in pieces, but it was just not going to happen. The interior was complete, but the Base CSM took the seats out and put them in his Hummer. We knew exactly what we were blowing up, but, what would you have us do from the middle of Iraq.


Jacob said... »May 29, 2010

Azure- you need to go sit in a corner. That's like saying we should torch Saddam's Mclaren F1 because it's 'tainted.' Maybe it was a good thing we didn't have the sense to secure any form of law or order in that country, as it was stolen shortley after the liberation. Someone like you might have found it. You're a hick.

Chris said... »September 05, 2010

well we are all arguing about this 3 year long story haha but idk, im not glad they blew it up. the interior was completely destroyed but still, its worth something still. its got v12 so yea. thats to bad

Gtgfrf said... »October 02, 2011


A Hoeld said... »September 24, 2012

Just crazy! Sorry!  ;-(

Dentz said... »September 30, 2012

they knew exactly what it was

Anonymous said... »March 04, 2013

Yeah its called the u somethin

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