2009 Subaru Forester: New Real Life Pictures

In about a week’s time, Subaru will release details and (official) images on the all-new 2009 Forester, but thanks to a series of leaks, there’s nothing left for our imagination. This new set of pictures that were apparently taken from a Subaru dealership in Japan, are the best that we've seen so far. And even if we’ve already seen several images of the exterior, this is actually the first time that we get real life shots of the interior which looks identical to the one found in the new Impreza. -Follow the jump for the image gallery

Via: Subaruforester


Civisi said... »December 16, 2007

Front looks like a Ford, especially with the blue oval in the grille.

Looks like a Honda Pilot from the back.

And it has a side profile of a Toyota.

I've never been a Forester fan anyway, and this one isn't going to change my opinion.

Highlanderer said... »December 16, 2007

Well I'm a Forester fan, and if they increased rear seat leg room and added a 5th gear to the slushbox, then this looks like a winner to me. The Forester is one of the last crossovers that hasn't given in to the sloped hatch phenomenon and has managed to maintain its cargo space efficiency eg. boxiness.

Fred said... »December 17, 2007

I like it. Still have my '99 Forester because I don't like the current design, especially the appliance look of the rear. I'll get a new 2009 Forester. Subaru's are very dependable. The size and design is right. Looks a lot like the Range Rover LR2 from certain angles.

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