2008 Cuda Concept Design Proposition

Looks like the one-off, custom made 2008 Cuda coupe that made its appearance at last year’s SEMA Show (see video here) has enliven the interest in the Plymouth Barracuda. This computer generated rendering is the work of Rafael Reston, a digital designer from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

According to Reston, the Cuda Concept is based on the platform of the Chrysler 300C, while the proposed power source is a 5.4-litre bio-fuelled HEMI V8 engine. If you ask us, the overall design seems a little bit too “Hot-Wheelish” for our tastes. Feel free to disagree with us -or agree of course, by leaving a comment below. -High res image gallery after the jump

Images: Rafael Reston ,Via: Seriouswheels


LeifMichelsen said... »January 30, 2008

I don't like it. The proportions aren't well. Yeah, and I hate to say but it's the same as with these SUV's: The muscle-car-revival-idea was only a short thing. This is like adapting the same think over and over again. Just boring.

The Deuce said... »January 30, 2008

Yeah, I'd have to agree with your assessment...too hot wheelsish or even transformerish. Leif said it best already, the proportions are out of whack.

Anonymous said... »January 31, 2008

I like this way more than the Challenger; this is at least more contemporary. The new Challenger is practically a direct copy of the original with some minor tidying up. Retro will only take you so far, I'd say five, six years max. Didn't Chrysler learn from the PT loser or from VW's Beetle?

Anonymous said... »January 31, 2008

I think the design leans more to the new Camaro then toward the Challenger. The lines are a bit to square for my taste.

I like to see one with a shaker hood and billboards.

LeifMichelsen said... »January 31, 2008

I have to reconsider myself! There are a few great ideas, but this one has just a bad taste: It looks fat, lets say ugly (reminds me of the lada concept c and some chinese stuff...), and most of all: has anyone an idea why they made the front wheels be 10 inches smaller than the back wheels? And what about this black stripe? Anybody knows who designed this??

LeifMichelsen said... »January 31, 2008

Great - reading the text BEFORE posting shit might help ;) Sorry, but still an ugly car...

Geoff said... »February 01, 2008

It's hideous! It looks NOTHING like a Barracuda. If I had to guess what it was, I would have said it looks like a bad remake of the revolting 1973 Mustang Mach 1. This is a perfect example of the difference between amateur and professional car designers.

Brett said... »February 14, 2008

If there was anything to be learned from the PT Cruiser or VW Beetle it's that retro sells like hotcakes. This design is kinda ugly if you ask me. If they wanted a sweet 'Cuda concept they should have just taken the Challanger and gave it a new grill and tail lights. I think the Challanger was without a doubt the finest exicution of a retro design ever in the automotive world!

Anonymous said... »May 03, 2008

Just look at it over a few days and it'll grow on you. Personally I like a car that looks like it can float over the pavement, barrell through a brick wall and then drive off needing only a paintjob.

Dennis said... »May 18, 2008

As a Cuda owner I think the car could be caller a avenger, GTX or a Daytona. But it is no Cuda its too square. The strips are hockey sticks from earlier models. But if Chrysler took a new Challenger nocked off the body line and changed the grill the hood and the talelights and offered a convertable it might deserve the Cuda name

Anonymous said... »September 03, 2008

I LOVE the Car. I grew up with all the oldies and miss them. This car is the 21st Century Cuda. It does not look like the old car because it isn't. I'll take the lime green one. Hemi would kill my insurance rates and I am easily tempeted to speed. Need to make one with a normal engine. Please
Female driver that has personally owned many muscle cars.
You go Chrysler, Mustang is taking the market.

40Mitchy said... »September 16, 2008

Well I think dodge is making a smart move by making the challenger like the old one. They ruined the charger with the four door model. I'm not so sure about the cuda though because its basically a copy of the charger. The new roadrunner concept though, is a good idea. I have a '74 model of a roadrunner. And to all the camaro fans that think challenger is copying the camaro, Who came out first with the design?

Anonymous said... »September 17, 2008

not bad, not great, but not bad, i would say it needs a longer hood but i can understand why they wouldn't make a new frame for just one car, they'd just build it on the charger frame like the challenger, so the hood is ok i guess, the grille is disgusting, they need to fix that thing up a bit, it reminds me of a nissan cube and makes me want to cut, but if they made that grille a little shorter and put some more rounded headlights like the classics it'd be a hella nice car, the interior's a little too fancy tho, muscle cars were built for drag strips, i want the interior stripped down, don't ferrari fuck a muscle car, if i pay for a muscle car i want all the money into performance, for the interior just make it kind of a cardboard box setting with a pistol grip hurst and i'd be happy

Anonymous said... »December 23, 2008

i gotta say the new camaro is pretty sick buht this car totaly beats that shitt out. and i love camaros, buht this would only look good black or orange

Todd said... »January 13, 2009

This concept has the right intent, but has a freshman-like execution as far as the proportions go. The DLO is waaay to short compared to the slab sided body. The relation ship of the lower side surface to rocker thickness is another indicator. The front graphic/details could have been resolved a 'lil better too.
However, in a couple more design study's this guy/girl might have some awesome works ! The 3d modeling ability seems pretty good.

In the spirit of fairness, I will give you guys something to judge me on.

Todd said... »January 13, 2009
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Anonymous said... »July 08, 2009

I AGREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I prefer this concept... in the green & black version!!!!!

Todd said... »July 08, 2009

Why would a car be on a helicopter pad at sea anyways ???

Todd said... »July 08, 2009

OK Carscoop, its time to take this posting down.
Why did you gys even post the black renderings anyways ? Black is the worst color to render, because you cant see any surfacing or detailing.

Its time to put this one away.

Anonymous said... »August 17, 2009

awesome car build it and sell it. I want one

Anonymous said... »August 17, 2009


Anonymous said... »October 20, 2009

This car is like the rest of the new muscle cars, retro and CONCEPT! All the new concept cars have ugly wide bodies and they do look like suv's. The Camaro is a nice car and sort of looks like the 69 SS Z28 but i hate style and body off the cars. The cuda looks nothing like the 70 and is too wide for a muscle car. I want to see whats under the hood.

Anonymous said... »January 31, 2010

if the bottom of the rear was raised on an angle and the top of th rear was was lowered and more level it would look like a car and not a toy. thats just my opinion though i dont know about the rest of you.

Anonymous said... »December 24, 2010

I think the rear decklid is way off (too high on the window), as someone else said it's a bad update to the Mach 1. The wheels are too big, not enough rubber room to put (hate to say it but I live in the snow area) snow tires on. Part of the fun of buying a hot rod is putting aftermarket wheels on & there is no room to upsize these. The back loks too much like an Italian sports car, comes down too far & too flat.

Anonymous said... »January 06, 2011

I love it!! I hope they make em ...I would get two! But they most like wont because the cuda is a plymoth and they are out of bizz :( tear!

Cbrustynail said... »May 13, 2012

looks like a camero with a cuda hood     .  i have the challenger   and love it. they did a great job of remaking it   cept it has cuda style exhaust tips  and pistol grip shifter is not at the right angle. I owned one of each  ( challenger and cuda )  in the 70's.  Make a hemi cuda that LOOKS  like the  70's    and i'll buy one of them too. I wouldn't even go to dealer to look at this concept car.The new chargers   at least look like a charger.Make it in a two door and i'll buy one of them too (had a 70 charger back in the day)   Guess you could say i'm a MOPAR  man.

Cole said... »August 29, 2012

Introducing the brand new Dodge Camar-doh I mean Barracuda

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