Mercedes-Benz GLK Freeside Concept: First Official Picture Leaked

This is the first official picture of the Mercedes-Benz GLK Freeside concept that will debut at the Detroit Show in a couple of weeks. More than a pre-production model than a concept, the GLK Freeside previews Mercedes-Benz’s all-new compact SUV that will compete against the BMW X3 and Land Rover Freelander models. We don’t have any information concerning the drivetrain options for the time being, but we do know that the Mercedes-Benz will officially unveil information and pictures of its GLK Freeside Concept in a couple of days, so stay put. -See a video of the production version here


Anonymous said... »January 02, 2008

Please notify the blog editor - the photo you used in the GLK Freeside concept article is actually a Subaru Forester.

Oh wait - my bad - just noticed the 3-pointed star.

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