Shuanghuan Noble: Chinese Smart Fortwo’s Motto is “Smarter Than The Rest…”

The Chinese clone of the Smart Fortwo, the Shuanghuan Noble has kicked off its insolent career in several European countries, including Greece, where we got these pictures from. Unless you’re working for Shuanghuan, there’s no need for us to tell you that the Noble is a near perfect copy of the first generation Smart Fortwo - in and out.

But what really took us by surprise is the motto that the importer chose to promote the Noble: “Smarter than the rest.” Jeez; as if importing the Chinese clone wasn’t provocative enough, these guys are totally rubbing it in the face of Smart’s parent company, Daimler!

On the other hand, with prices set in Greece at €8,880 / $12,937 for the “flirt” version, €9,880 / $14,935 for the “smile” and €11,880 / $17,307 for the “plus”, we’re guessing that Smart might have a chuckle or two on its way to court… -High-res images after the jump


Anonymous said... »February 13, 2008


MatthewNZ said... »February 14, 2008

Forget for a moment the blatent imitating of the Smart...

...that thing is terribly built! Exposed welds inside the interior, poorly-fitting carpets, cheap plastics and boot seals that are glued wonky, not to mention lap-belts in the rear!

Who in their right mind would buy this? Europeans have far greater expectations of a car than this.

Anonymous said... »February 14, 2008

This is an utter joke of the automotive industry as a whole and an absolute shame to China. If China wants to save face, they should ban copy cat products like this from being made and enforce new protection laws to protect others' oringinal products. The Smart is an original and extremely clever design visually, mechanically and structurally. People should be arrested and put in mental institutions for buying these. They are comparably priced to the Smart but offer the cheapness of $2 pastic toy cars, (which are probably higher quality than this thing anyways). Those who choose this over a Smart have no form of intelligence whatsoever.

Geoff said... »February 14, 2008

Interesting. Front engine and (presumably) front wheel drive, versus the original Smart's rear engine and rear wheel drive. Two big advantages of this knockoff's design are a rear seat (kids only - or lots more cargo space than the genuine Smart) and a conventional manual transmission instead of the frustrating computer-controlled one.

Anonymous said... »February 14, 2008

Just wait until the motor magazines submit it for a crash test -- the last two or three Chinese cars failed so dismally they had to be withdrawn. I wouldn't buy a well-buit smart just because if I get shunted by a Ford Falcon I'm crippled for life, what more these copycat cars which surely do not have the engineering input that the Smart has for structural members?

Anonymous said... »May 07, 2008

So... Which one of you wants to buy one, make a video showing you destroying the car, and send it to Shanghuan...? Sounds like a good idea... First, send it to the guys who made the Smart car. They'd love to see it.

Anonymous said... »July 17, 2008

First off, smart car is NOT a unique style it is just a rip off of the japanese kei cars that have been around for 30 yrs. i will just wait for the tata nano to come to the usa. even with the import taxes and duties if it doubled the price it would still cost 3 times less than the smart? car

Anonymous said... »February 03, 2009

Lived in China for the past 4 years & im surrounded by foreign pricks that think there better than the rest, this country has been making cars long enough to know that bmw & Mercedes have been ripping people off far to long, yes you are right the noble might not be safe but any smart car or mini hatchback that gets hit will take a bashing.China is fast becoming the number one producer in most things that are made back in europe,look under or on any day today thing thats at your disposal & your find its got CHINA written on it..Bunch of wanabies............

David Yates said... »February 18, 2009

To the person above me,

1. smart cars are made by Daimler NOT Mercedes, Daimler own Mercedes and smart.

2. smart cars are and always will be made in France.

3. Noble is SHIT

Anonymous said... »February 21, 2009

Dear Sirs

May you please be kind enough to send us the phone number and the website for the Noble Car?

Thanks & Best Regards
Dr. Hossam Shaltout
Tel: +2012 2600060

Greg L said... »February 23, 2009

The Noble has landed. I spotted one behind a new car dealership in South Carolina.

It is an extremely well-designed (I know, I know) AND well-built vehicle.

Crash and emission testing have yet to commence, I am guessing; but it's only a matter of time.

'So how did THIS NOBLE get imported to SC?

Greg L said... »February 23, 2009

A Mercedes dealer in South Carolina has a Noble parked on their lot.

The British (or Chinese) have landed!

It's a well-built car. Very high-quality fit and finish.

'Hard to believe it wholesales for $4,500, and retails for $9K (USD)!

Who could use a fuel-efficient car like that?

Anonymous said... »February 25, 2009


Can you tell me the name of the Mercedes dealer where you saw the Noble car.


Anonymous said... »March 04, 2009

you can call 214 586 8844 but the car is not 9000 its more like 13000

Anonymous said... »March 04, 2009

call that number the guy knows all about Noble.If anyone would like a dealership he.s the person to go to thank's David

Anonymous said... »March 14, 2009

The dealer ship I work for is looking at those right now, as I type. Gasp!

Anonymous said... »April 08, 2009

Below is the crash testing video of the nobel, judge by your own eyes:

jack said... »June 08, 2009

The Chinese clone of the Smart Fortwo, the Shuanghuan Noble has kicked off its insolent career in several European countries, including Greece, where we got these pictures from. Unless you’re working for Shuanghuan, there’s no need for us to tell you that the Noble is a near perfect copy of the first generation Smart Fortwo - in and out.

Ingrid said... »July 24, 2009

Just EVERYTHING is copied from Smart..... fakn aaaaas!

Anonymous said... »September 07, 2009

Shandong HyoYun produces (or tried to produce) an all-electric smart clone.

Saw it here on in an 2006 carscoop post -

Were any ever sold, anyone know?

Bill Johnson said... »December 26, 2009

Where can I get a diagram of the electrical system of the Noble. I've bought a Wheego Whip which chassis is built by Noble in China. I'd like to know about EPS and other chassis related systems.

Anonymous said... »December 26, 2009


Anonymous said... »February 15, 2010

The Ed Schmidt Auto group here in Toledo, Ohio just announced that they signed deals to sell both the Noble and Brilliance brands here. They claim to plan to start sales of the Noble in 60 days. This same group of dealerships lost their Jeep and Chevy and Pontiac franchises last year. Luckily they still have Hummer, Saab and Volvo....

Anonymous said... »August 13, 2010

word is bond. i agree that the european car makers have been scamming people for way too long and over charging. theyve had it too good for too long. it was a blessing when the japanese cars came along. then further blessed when koreans arrived. now the chinese will provide further choices for people, providing a truly free market. people in my family have owned european cars and theyve all been pieces of junk. people have the misconception that europeans cars are high quality, but it is all marketing bs. when your friends european cars break down and they call you up asking you for a ride, then you see what i call reality. the thing with european cars is they start breaking after 3yrs. they are also much less fuel efficient than their asian competitors. so why waste your money on that? i usually drive japanese cars, but i am open to the idea of an alternative option. i cant imagine the chinese cars being any worse. if they were, then they must have built them while drunk. all the clowns in here complaining is because they cant make any money and are on welfare.

Anonymous said... »March 10, 2011

China need to learn what intellectual property rights mean!

Kamp said... »April 03, 2012

Cars from the same class cannot avoid certain similar characteristics to each other because of the purposes and goals that such cars were built for.

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