eBay: BMW M3 Replica Based on ’96 Honda Civic Coupe!


While it may not exactly be a perfect conversion, the 1996 Honda Civic Coupe based replica that’s for sale on eBay could fool a number of people into thinking that it’s a genuine third generation BMW M3. In fact, we believe that the seller himself has been fooled that the car is genuine if you consider that the “Buy it Now” price on eBay is $16.5 grand – or more than you’d pay for an original, second generation, 98-99 model BMW M3…! -Continued after the jump


Via: eBay


Haakern said... »March 17, 2008

Absolutely horrible!

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-86 E30 325iX
-87 E30 320i
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Fedor said... »March 17, 2008

now who the hell would waste their time and money on this crap.

Anonymous said... »March 18, 2008

that that is my dream car. can i trade-in my 3-wheeler-china-automobile?

Anonymous said... »March 19, 2008

Okay, that is just plain gay. What a waste of time, energy, and money. Not to mention destroying two good vehicles to make one ugly POS...

Anonymous said... »March 19, 2008

That is a complete waste of time, energy, and most of all money. Destroying 2 perfectly good cars in order to create one ugly P.O.S. just doesnt make sense to me.

Anonymous said... »March 28, 2008

id like to call this guy to redecorate my house....

Anonymous said... »May 02, 2008

Ok people if you don't like it then shut the hell up and leave the poor guy alone. From the looks of it there was allot of work put into it. I have a honda civic and if I had the time and money I would do the same thing. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean you have to sit there and talk crap about it. It looks excellent to me. Even if might be a waste of time and money to you maybe it wasn't to whoever did it. Maybe they got bored and decided to convert it. So if you don't have anything good to say then just please shut the hell up

Anonymous said... »May 04, 2008

Ok, so if you consider the actual modifications and how they were installed, sure I would say this guy did a pretty good job. I am not making fun of your abilities to modify cars. But for imagination all I can say is what the (blank) were you thinking. I mean this wannabe car is more rice then Uncle Ben's Bistro express.

Anonymous said... »May 07, 2008

ppl this car looks PHAT!!! u gta consider it was a civic coupe. yes there are things dat can be done to improve it but i dnt care it looks SICK at the end of the day. especially the body kit, done well it looks mean.

southernbimma85 said... »May 07, 2008

By the time you go and spend all that time and money to go and do this to a Honda you probably could have already bought a REAL M3. There are way better things you can do to a Honda to make it stand out than try to make it look like an BMW.

Gisele said... »May 16, 2008

this car looks nothing like a honda! it is fuckin sexy! for $16500 k u get the look of an m3 and the quality of honda! also, this person is genius and he/she got skills for sure! i wish he could make my honda like that! and those who hate it... we all know you're envious because u did not think of it first!

Jarred said... »May 24, 2008

hahahahahhahaha.. FRIED RICE!!! HORRIBLE. this is the stupdest looking thing i have ever seen in my life! who wants to pretend they are driving a BMW??? why be a poser!!! but an original kit on it instead of trying to make it look like something it is not! i wouldnt even stand next to that POS!

Anonymous said... »May 29, 2008

I own a honda with a 1.6, i also own an bmw.

I would never in my life put anything from a bmw on anything else but a bmw. Should have baught a bmw or built a motor in that slow honda.
I drive the bmw everyday while the honda sits and collects dust :)


Anonymous said... »September 09, 2008

Look of an M3 and quality of a Honda? Are you kidding me?

Anonymous said... »September 22, 2008

well i seen this car before,it was entered into a bmw only style event, it made it to the semi finals before someone actualy relised it was a honda, but i think it is very sexy, im a big bmw fan and to go and put this much effort into a car it amazing, it looks wicked, and best of all it is very unique so thats my thoughts on it, props to the ppl who did the work, very well done :D:D

Anonymous said... »September 28, 2008

ppl ppl PPL! The Front of The Car is Nice but The Taillights Are not in The Right Place(Compared 2 BMW M3)But I think if the car Was Tuned as a HONDA it wouldn't Be That bad. u Just Thrown money

Anonymous said... »September 28, 2008

i always thought that my 79 Hyundai Pony is Ugly, But u give Ugliness A whole different Meaning with that 'monster' u created

Anonymous said... »September 30, 2008

lol... what a joke. drive it off a bridge

Anonymous said... »October 02, 2008

i think i saw this car on transformers before. it was the one megatron ripped in half.

Anonymous said... »October 14, 2008

this is every bmw owner's dream honda durability and bmw's ugly shell. Think you would spend about 1-5 day's in workshop or you have honda's technik to last a lifetime!! but you still like bmw's so thats the easyest thing to do to save money and have power and nice interiour... LOL

Anonymous said... »November 30, 2008

all of yall are bunch of weirdos fussin over nothin

terryn fischer said... »April 16, 2009

u guys are #@%$^ jealous this car is bad ass and it would prob smoke most BMWs with that bottle in the trunk. i would get rid of that exhaust cover tho and go with a header very nice tho and dont listen to what these people are sayin they just wish they had the money to do a conversion like this

Anonymous said... »April 26, 2009

Its seems like we have a buyer @ 16grand!!!^^^

Anonymous said... »July 08, 2009

This guy get's my nod for craftiness...thats it. If you want a BMW get a BMW...if yo want a Honda get a Honda, don't mix them. This is just sacrilegious...and BTW, there is no way that a Honda Civic will come close to an M3 (any M3) with a 4 banger and a bottle...Maybe (big maybe!!!) with a TRUCK load of expensive mods and a bottle, even then I don't think its close. Honda are good for grabbing groceries, BMW's are driving machine...point blank!!!

Anonymous said... »July 20, 2009

A d16 with a bottle woulnt smoke a semi let alone a Bmw.. for the price some one would pay for that thing or to convert a civic to a bmw it makes more sense to buy a bmw defeats the purpose . totally useless

Anonymous said... »September 15, 2009

Love it! My sixteen year old teenage girl wants to buy a honda and trick it up like that. What innovation and inspiration!

Anonymous said... »October 22, 2009

I believe that this is the WORST tricked out thing i have ever seen. Firstly, who ever said the look of an M3 with the quality of a Honda..what they F***K are you talking about. BMW's have a much, much, much more quality than taht P.O.S Civic. Secondly, to the one that said with the "Bottle" in the back it would smoke an M3. Well i own a 1994 300zx TT and it has a hard time keepin up to some tuned M3. The only wat that shitty civic has any chance..and I mean a 1 in 10000000 chance is if it had a HUGE turbo and 25,000$ worth of aftermarkets, which if he is selling for 16g's i doubt very much! What are people thinking???

Anonymous said... »October 25, 2009

errr ok so what he's made is a Front wheel drive car that looks like a BMW but is slower, looks like it's been rear-ended and he wants more money that an ACTUAL m3?!

Edd said... »October 26, 2009

what a piece of shite.

Anonymous said... »February 19, 2010

May Subwoofer pala ang MOMO no?

Anonymous said... »October 06, 2010

piece of shiiiiiteeeee.

Anonymous said... »October 08, 2010

WTF is that thing

Anonymous said... »March 18, 2011

obvious show car is obvious, race cars dont need body kits and bling bling chrome. And from the looks of it, the engine is bone stock besides the cold air intake.

Anonymous said... »July 15, 2011

obvious show car is obvious, race cars dont need body kits and bling bling chrome. And from the looks of it, the engine is bone stock besides the cold air intake.

2004civichalo said... »July 25, 2011

Ok I would grade this a D+.
rear wheel weld smaller and lower the the front
off set rim size(performance imp was the objective)
front lights have a bad bottom line up
off cent and mis-shaped taillights
m3 mirror are not the best aftermarket replica to pull of this look
body kite itself was to bulky
sideskirt have a weird bend
But the biggest issue here is the interior if you go thru all this work don't make the interior look like a massive cheap speakerbox. a better alternative would've been fiber glass and pleather with a custom dash with a in dash 7in dvd system
also 7k should have gone into a JDM K20A (Full Replacement kit with tranny cpu wiring harness and all the proper components.

not my fav car but i will say if it wasn't for that rear wheel weld the side shot would be great.

my car is below and its stock cause i bought a civic wanting a civic

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