Minnesota State Patrol Squad Cars Get Retro Look

In an effort to make State patrol vehicles more recognizable (along with spending tax payers’ money…), Minnesota State Police announced that they are giving a new or rather, a vintage look to their squad cars. The new patrol vehicles combine a maroon body with white doors and decals that are similar to the ones used from 1960 up until 1991. The current patrol cars incorporate a maroon body with a gold stripe on the side -Continued

"The new design aims to strengthen the identity of the State Patrol, enabling motorists to better recognize troopers and how the agency supports safe travel on Minnesota roads," said a State Patrol press release. "The squads will also improve the visibility of troopers - enhancing trooper safety and helping the agency stand out among other vehicles to encourage safe driving”

Via: Twincities , Pic: Minnesota State Patrol


Anonymous said... »March 26, 2008

...Must be a slow news day.

Anonymous said... »March 26, 2008

Great, now they copy the OPP trend, here in Ontario.

BTW, the retro 2-tone paint job costs the tax payer here an estimated extra $400 a pop.

How's that for visiblity?

Anonymous said... »March 27, 2008

They try to do something to increase visibility and make their cars less sneaky and you complain? Too much money?
BTW the car is not a 2 tone paint job which is the $400 Ford option. It is a white decal panel that covers the whole door. The car is ordered in maroon solid color. Cost is actually $47 cheaper than the old striping package that had stripes along the whole car. The cars are being phased in, no new money spent beacause all cars are striped anyway. Give em a break, their job is miserable enough.

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