Mitsubishi Fits Outlander with EVO X’s Twin-Clutch SST Transmission

Mitsubishi has revealed that the Outlander SUV will be offered in Europe with the Lancer Evolution X’s Twin Clutch SST. The new 6-speed dual-clutch automated manual gearbox offers faster gear shifts along with lower fuel consumption and emissions versus manual transmissions.

Further specification details are still to be announced, but the European Outlander Twin-Clutch SST models will come complete with paddle shifters, dual mode (Normal/Sport) and Hill Start Assist functions. The Outlander Twin Clutch SST will first be displayed at the Paris Motor Show in early October 2008, before a retail launch during the first quarter of 2009. No word yet on when Mitsubishi will start offering the US Spec Outlander with the dual-clutch transmission.


Anonymous said... »March 31, 2008

What better fuel consumption is meant? When you look at the certified fuel consumption numbers of Volkswagen, Volvo (2008!) and Ford (2008!) in the cycle, there is not a single vehicle with double clutch transmission that gives better fuel consumption than the manual version.

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