iCar: When VW met Apple

Last year it became known that Apple and Volkswagen were in talks about the possibility of building an "iCar" that would be upgraded with a series of products from the producer of the omnipresent iPod. We’re not entirely sure whether or not these images from the latest issue of Autobild magazine are the result of a photoshop artist or if they are the real deal (less possible), but the iCar depicted here, sure looks like something that could have resulted from the cooperation between the two companies. –Continued

Via: Autobild


LeifMichelsen said... »June 13, 2008

The author of the article is saying that the project is laid down at the moment so it's pretty sure only a rendering.

Anonymous said... »June 14, 2008

The text translates to : So easy with an ipod.

Anonymous said... »June 14, 2008

Actually, the previous commenter (Anonymous) is incorrect. The translation is "As easy as an iPod. The VW of tomorrow."

Anonymous said... »June 14, 2008

I would translate it as:
As easy as an iPod

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