1991 BMW M3 E30 DTM Race Car for Sale!

Even though we could see ourselves using this bimmer as the ultimate weekend track racer, the 1991 BMW M3 DTM race version that’s up for grabs has two serious flaws that deter us from even thinking about buying it: a) it’s located in Denmark and b) the seller is asking €90,000 or about $143,000. While we could probably find a way around the first problem, unfortunately the asking price is somewhat totally out of reach…. Any suggestions? -Continued

Seller’s Description

BMW M3 DTM 2.5 version 91. Complete rebuild into original livery. New brakes 6pot calibers, new 184 MM twinplate clutch, new Drenth seq gearbox, new rebuild 2.5 engine, carbon dashboard, stack instrument, carbon body parts, 100 L fuelcell, new coolers for gearbox and reardiff, rebuild reardiff, airjacks, magnesium front uprights, tubular rear swing arms, adjustable rollbars from cockpit, heated front windscreen, shell dipped and repainted in motorsport colors. A very nice unspoiled example with no damage. Has to be seen. A opportunity to buy a works car in perfect condition. Small spare package to follow.

Link: Racecarsdirect


SamuraiJack said... »July 18, 2008

Well, it's expensive because it's original, so I bet you could build a replica for a lot less. Tempting

Anonymous said... »July 18, 2008

which would you rather take to the track, this or some other $150,000 car? expensive but if it's upto race specs, it might be somewhat of a bargin?

Anonymous said... »July 18, 2008

woudl have been more unique if it was a 190e evolution II dtm race car. The M3 appears to be closer to the production chassis, where as the 190e was alot different compared to the production car *meaning you could never take the production chassis to build a replica dtm car, the wheel wells are just too different*

Anonymous said... »July 19, 2008

buy yourselves a group-A volvo 242. weighs the same, and punches out 300 turbocharged horses. it gave the 6-series a run for its money back in the day.

that, and you wont sell out to the bmw bandwagon: it's as flogged as mexi-cart "riced" hondas.

Anonymous said... »July 20, 2008

Thats true about the 190e wheel wells. I have both cars and the M3 is much easier to make into a DTM spec machine then the 2.3-16 is. Although, having all the parts together, all the motorsport very expensive parts assembled and ready to go, make this car worth looking at if you have the money.

Anonymous said... »July 21, 2008


Anonymous said... »January 12, 2009

way to expensive

Anonymous said... »April 02, 2009

Too expensive? haha this is a friggin bargain friend. Build one yourself with ORIGINAL Motorsport parts, then we'll see again....This car is a straight classic and well worth the investment if you had the money for it...

Anonymous said... »April 04, 2009

ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS THAT IS ONE SICK CAR!!! Worth it if you can afford it.

a said... »June 27, 2009

a replica?...

no you cant built one, unless u have a genuine M3 evo 3 "body", ofcause the engine (2.5L/4Cyl), spoilers, etc..
You can build one that looks like it, and maybee you can trim it to be as fast, but its still not a evo 3......

Even If you fit the parts it will never be "the one"...


BMW E30 said... »September 30, 2009

that car look good DTM is the best

Anonymous said... »October 14, 2009

Yep, this is a ridiculously good deal. This car would eat up any new M3, porsche, etc. It weighs 2072lb and produces 320-340 HP naturally aspirated. Not to mention that it's already setup with race suspension, brakes, bushings, etc. The 190E or volvo 242 wouldn't have a chance btw.

Anonymous said... »May 12, 2010

damn good one!

Anonymous said... »June 22, 2010

My father has one like that....

Anonymous said... »November 10, 2010

is this car still for sale if it is

Rogermeienberger said... »January 24, 2012

Guten Tag

Können SIe mir die genaue Version sowie die Spezifikationen von diesem Fahrzeug beschreiben.
Wer ist damit gefahren ?
Was für Erfolge hat dieses Fahrzeug zu verzeichnen?
Was für eine Chassis Nummer hat dieses Fahrzeug?

Mit freundlcihen Grüssen


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