2010 Plymouth Road Runner Concept by Mopar Enthusiast

More of a result of pipe-dreaming than actual inside info, the 2010 Plymouth Road Runner Concept that’s featured in the August/September issue of Mopar Enthusiast magazine is based on the new Dodge Challenger using styling cues from the ’71-’72 model year Road Runners. The folks at Mopar Enthusiast beleive that if the car were to be produced today, it should be powered by a HEMI 5.7L V8 as standard with 6.1L and 7.0L V8 HEMIs being offered as optional equipment. -Continued

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Rick W. said... »July 16, 2008

While, I'm sure this is an exciting moment for Mopar and Chrysler to relive. The fact of the matter is, as gas prices go up, having a 7.0L V8 is unfeasible for a mass market produced vehicle. Unless by some miracle, they use cylinder management, which by the way seems ridiculous to even introduce for a vehicle meant for speed, I doubt it'll be worth the time and effort for Chrysler to spend on this. They should be concentrating on hybrids or using Diesel more fuel efficient. I have yet to see Chrysler take the step in the right direction to make greener vehicles or greener vehicles with power.

Anonymous said... »July 20, 2008


Make it with a 2-mode electric hybrid system, with a 5.7 liter & 6.1 liter MDS Hemi with a factory installed HHO Hydrogen hybrid generation system, and 6 speed or 7 speed AutoStik tarn that will get 20+ mpg city, 26 to 30+ MPG hiway and you have yourself a sure fire WINNER ! ! !

YuPonce said... »December 19, 2008

I have a lemon twist 69 runner coupe with a 4 speed and 440 black bench interior. Anybody who knows anything about Mopars would agree the b-bodied 68-70 are the best road runners. It may be easier to design a futuristic road runner from the 71-72 years but it is the wrong move. Cars have minds of their own and the 68-70 cars would be embarrassed and dissapointed in how the name is being used. If they successfully designed a dead on of the 68-70 as a new musclecar instead of the 71-72, that would be way better. I mean why don't you steal the styling cues from the 75 road runner (sarcasm). Why do it for the 71-72 when you can do it for the 68-70. Common sense. This concept car haunts me for I am such a huge Mopar fan and have had my 69 road runner since I was 13. Please try to do it for the 68-70 instead. Leonhard please try a 69 road runner concept. If the road runner results to this, I feel you're road runner killers.

YuPonce said... »December 20, 2008

The Mr. Norm Super Challenger with 900 hp, the Saleen Challenger with 700 hp, the 2010 charger with a 68 like front end and a 69 like rear end, and the cuda concept with the 71 styling cues and gills, it needs the segmented grill though are pretty cool. The ones that have styling cues from the 70 looks worse with the hockey sticks and what not. And that one that has some 'Rostone" or some crap like that on them are gay. The 2010 viper IV generation crap looks like crap. Not the bad ass hennessey venom viper style at all. It does look sort of like a crossfire from the side and has way too many gay changes for them to name it a viper. There is some real dumb super bee concept car real small and open like a cobra but rounded shaped like a lady bug with the engine showing and a little mouth like the cobra has.Not my style. There is also a dodge demon concept, not a muscle car at all. It's great how they bring back the names to lure people back into it but they need to get them dead on like the saleen challenger or challenger that came out for under $40,000. There is a jeep willys concept that embarasses me.Check em' out. Once again , designers of road runner hopefully reading this, I have a lemon twist 69 runner post if you know what that would look like you would think this concept is groos. Imagine how cool it would be to have the b-body 69 rr styling cues as a new Mopar. 69s didnt come with lemon twist or top banana(came out in 1970) and didn't have a 440 (only 383 and hemi with the 69 1/2 m-code A12 car 440 with a 6 barrell lift off hood) so the 69 didnt have a 440 but the 69 1/2 did. So use crazy colors and have a lift off hood with one of them new 392 hemis . A 572 or 528 crate hemis would be the ultimate. If it's a road runner it's gotta be cheap. They were $3000 new bang for the buck really fun fast cars which a lot of people think was one of the main pieces in musclecar history. Dont think about the younger generation and what they think because you think off because of what direction Mopar had to take after the death of the hemi after 1971. I am an 18 year old about to go into the air force and think we should try and bring back the muscle car wars if that happened and sucessfully there would be a huge Mopar speculation and a lot of Mopar money would be made making mopars more popular. Most kids my age don't know what Mopars are. There is a really good thing that could be happening here.Mopars for life so please do the best you can giving life to modern day muscle cars and while USING their names. Give the cars lots of options like optional viper v10 or crate hemis or 392 hemi and the colors and do what Mopar used to be so good at with our modern stuff now and there could be the most crazy car company ever. Where's the A100s or A990s or 68 dart and barracuda ss class cars there were 75 of each bring back the youth where it should be like mopar tried so hard to do then. If you're bringing the old cars back into it do a good job cuz before you know it we will never see anybody making cars like these. They'll be gay electric or solar or somethin that aint a muscle car and it makes this die hard Mopar lifer super sad to think about. We're second generation Mopar and it's now or never. With how smart Mopar used to be there is a lot that you can do and a lot of fun customizations that could go on between the new and old muscle cars. I can't see the day Mopars are completely always going to be gone. So make a huge bang and this is it. If gas is getting cheaper people want fun cheap modern day fast muscle cars with a huge options and history and a lot of of people already backing Mopar.

Anonymous said... »January 10, 2009

I'll just stick with my 72 satellite. Looks good though. identical in every way.

Anonymous said... »January 18, 2009

I Have a 1970 roadrunner you make this one and you have a buyer here.

Anonymous said... »March 10, 2009

I will buy two

Anonymous said... »March 19, 2009

Well I got a 73 roadrunner and its still better than the new one.

Anonymous said... »May 14, 2009

It wouldn't be hard to do, just a re-skin of the current Challenger using the same platform and drive-line... I don't think fuel prices would have much of a bearing on whether it would get the nod or not, but more the financial strain that the manufacturer would be under to produce a vehicle which might not sell many units.

A one off concept or even a limited run would be great to see still. Renderings and artistic interpretation can only do so much.

Anonymous said... »May 21, 2009

anything with this much american muscle heritage shouldn't be a wimy hybrid. i myself drive a '68 grey road runner. this concept looks wiked sweet! but again... NO WIMPY HBRID IN DIS BAD BOY CONCEPT!!

mikey said... »July 22, 2009

the roadrunner is the crown of mopar everyone loves it and i wouldn't min getting my hands on a new one.

Anonymous said... »July 30, 2009

i have a 1971 roadrunner and still runs like a new one. if you make a new one i will buy it in a heart beat.

Anonymous said... »August 31, 2009

I have an 09 Challenger and I would say that this looks too much like it. I own a 1968 Roadrunner 383hp. you would be better suited in modeling one based on the B Body 1968 - 1970
that the body style that made Mopar History.
Beep Beep

Anonymous said... »September 05, 2009

Who gives a damn about a greener vehicle. Build a road runner! and make sure to use the right horn!
I also agree with other statements. If by some miracle one was made, they should base it on the b body models of 68-70
Beep! Beep!

Anonymous said... »October 29, 2009

Chrysler should bring the Plymouth name back but ONLY as a performance car brand. Like Ferrari or Lotus are and just offer the Cuda' Roadrunner and Duster or GTX

Anonymous said... »October 30, 2009

i would love to get my hands on that road runner if they make it i'll buy 4 1 for my self 1 for my son 1 for my daughter and 1 for my wife but i would really love to see a super bird 2010/2012 meep meep

Dan K said... »November 21, 2009

Hey, I agree with YuPonce. Doing a concept car of a Roadrunner and not doing it from the 68-70 Roadrunner series is a big mistake and a killer for the car. 68-70 had the best style, design, they were real eye catchers. Being a previous owner of a 69 hemi roadrunner, a graduation gift to me from myself was one of the best experiences of my life.

Anonymous said... »November 25, 2009

71-72 had the best style.Wrap around bumper,duel grille,square wheel wells,strobe roof stripe.68-70 were nice cars but basically boxes with big engines.

Anonymous said... »December 25, 2009

Where's the super wing?

Anonymous said... »January 08, 2010

71 on was the slow gradual decline of the Roadrunner. I have owned a 68 since 1978 and agree with others above that the 68-70 vintage are the classic years, best lines, and they scream muscle and no, the Satelite is certainly not "identical in every way" to the RR.

Anonymous said... »April 30, 2010

Got a 69 and 74 RR, and honestly even though it is not a "classic", my 74 will blow away any older RR cept some Hemi's. YuPonce, you got yours at age 13 and must be age 15 by now. Stop reading too much and start driving and maybe you will figure out what you are talking about. You can't get a non-aerodynamic chassis and make a 2010 model car out of it. Do you think Dodge and Chrysler are employing morons who couldn't have incorporated 70's bodies into the new models if they were feasible? 71-72 or 73-74 would have been optimal body types to modify but alas, there is no more Plymouth while GM gets the taxpayers to save its ass..

Anonymous said... »May 09, 2010

build a new 'runner; a little larger than the new challenger, styling similar to 68-70,and keep the horn...but keep the concept of affordibility...keep the price affordable by using palin jane interiors, lay off the overpriced options, basic comfort items only...make AC an option...offer w 2 hemi choices only, offer either auto or 6 spd, keep plain steel whells as standard....get the price d own this way, and more p[eople will be able to included!

Anonymous said... »May 22, 2010

This car has infact been made... it was listed on eBay for just over $1 million.

Scott Cowan said... »April 06, 2013

I hope these eventually go into production.

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