Ford Mustang Turned into Dodge Charger Convertible…

Mopar and Ford fans alike are really going to get a kick out of this one. For reasons beyond our understanding, the owner of this Darwinian creation decided to stick the face of a new Dodge Charger onto his previous generation Ford Mustang Convertible. We only have one question for you; should this beasty creation be called the Fodge Chustang or Dord Mustarger? -More pics after the jump

Via: Cardomain , Source: OST


Anonymous said... »July 09, 2008

Can't help but feel that the integration of the Charger face will look much better on the current generation Mustang instead of the previous generation one.

Anonymous said... »July 09, 2008

I would simply call it "ugly".

Anonymous said... »July 09, 2008

low front bumper, mid-height sides and high rear bumper make for an unappealing visual... but since i'm more of a JDM fanboy i've seen more horrendous "ricey" creations than this and I actually like it.

Anonymous said... »July 11, 2008

What an ugly nugget of crap! Did that dummy lose a bet?

Anonymous said... »July 12, 2008

So somebody ruined a Charger, and then they ruined a accomplish what??? I like chargers and I like Mustangs, but this is a disaster!

Anonymous said... »July 31, 2008

looks pretty cool if you ask me... now i want to c if they can put a corvette face on a dodge viper

Anonymous said... »August 01, 2008

As a current Charger owner, and a previous Mustang owner, the builder of this car should be shat upon and beaten like a red headed step child. Beat him like he stole a government mule.

Anonymous said... »April 23, 2009

Quick, someone shoot it.

Anonymous said... »July 26, 2009


Paulus said... »August 10, 2009

I kinda like it. It's low-looking, and sorta fat looking. Personally, I kinda like really
low-to-the-ground cars like the mazda MX-5 (I know it's a chick car, but just as an example) and the '95 RX-7, even though I'm too big for them (I'm 6'8"). Anyway, I'd say that it might
not appeal to the "american muscle" people, but
if you look at it in another light, it's a little

Paulus said... »August 10, 2009

but still, kinda harsh for what's supposed to
be constructive criticism.

Anonymous said... »October 24, 2009

You got to give the guy some credit. He took a big chance that most would be scared to do. Like an old school 50's kustom. They used different parts form other cars to come up with something crazy,different and cool. Some of them failed and others have prevailed. Better then a AMC Pacer in my book.

SaBu said... »December 17, 2009

Nice :D

Anonymous said... »February 16, 2010

GOOD GOD!!!! this guy should be slap for considering even doing this, if i knew where u lived i would come by take a dump on the hood and slap ur mom for givin birth to a moron. i mean honestly how much weed do u smoke? this car deserves to go to a wrecking yard and be demolished!i mean seriously ? im so eating mexican before i dump on ur peice of crap car!

Anonymous said... »November 09, 2010

iam a real mopar guy,this is a total waste of a stang ragtop.why the hell trash a ragtop with that ugly so called charger-truck front end.real mopars were killed off by 75,except maybe the charger is a fat ugly pig 4door not a real mopar or muscle car,just a 4d real cars and have fun..DJ mopar drive for 35 years.

Anonymous said... »March 30, 2011

shouldve done it with a challenger.

D_gamer725 said... »January 14, 2012

When I thought it was a Convertible Charger alone, I liked it, then I notce the mustang part, and had some doubt. Cool build though, I like almost anything with custom fabrication. I'm also relieved that my idea wasn't stolen, which I will not say so it stays un-stolen.

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