Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Wallpaper Gallery

We have a habit of constantly changing our desktop –slash- laptop wallpapers, sometimes even twice a day. Since we already did the hard work of finding and downloading these beautiful, high-resolution images of the new Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X, we though it would be a nice idea to share. Just follow the jump and pick out the one(s) you like. -Continued


Alex said... »July 01, 2008

Stunning pics mate, thanks!

George said... »July 02, 2008

Absolute legend! Thankyou very much!

Anonymous said... »July 03, 2008


MDX said... »July 13, 2008

Amazing pics.

What a car !

peter said... »July 16, 2008

I'll have mine in black.

Big Guy said... »August 02, 2008

I'll have mine in red!

Anonymous said... »October 30, 2008


M said... »October 31, 2008


Perfect lanunch and Mind Blowing

Anonymous said... »February 17, 2009

iam ganna start taking pictures of my evo!

Guy Thing said... »March 01, 2009

The Evo X looks good! I love the head lights. Looks so handsome and aggressive. Very good job from Mitsubishi Team!

rubenchosx said... »March 25, 2009

waoooooo good looking pics...i luv this car!

Anonymous said... »April 04, 2009

i love evo x...!!!

Anonymous said... »April 25, 2009

i love mitsubishi alot.. hope you can give me one of those... please!!!! lolz you rock guyz!

Cofdan said... »June 02, 2009

perfect car rally !!! good favorite!! EVO!!

Tausuug Malingkat Usug said... »September 13, 2009

anybody can give me one evo??.heheheh..i like it..

Anonymous said... »October 05, 2009

thank you very much, windows 7 changes it every 10 minutes FTW!!!

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