Monticello Motor Club: A New York Race Track for the Very, Very Rich

Living in New York City and need a place to drive your new Ferrari Enzo or Porsche 911 GT3 RS? Not a problem as car aficionados with hefty bank accounts will be pleased to learn that a new race track has opened up in Monticello, N.Y. The Monticello Motor Club (MMC) that features a 4.1-mile professional-grade race track is located just 90 miles from Manhattan. So what’s the catch? Well, if you have enough money to buy an SLR McLaren there’s no catch, but if you’re struggling to lease a 350Z for example, this exclusive car enthusiast club isn’t for you (or for most of us for that matter) as initiation begins at a whopping $125,000 with current yearly dues set at $7,500. Some people get all the luck...


Anonymous said... »July 25, 2008

Nice! I think I'll buy a membership for me and the entire family.

Anonymous said... »July 25, 2008

Or you could just go to Laguna Seca for one day and pay $5000...

Anonymous said... »July 31, 2008

Yes you could. But if you race more than 20 days per year the math works to MMC's favor. The membership is for sale at the end of the day and dues are not half bad. + There are many other aspects that factor into the price. For Example - the track is never busy, there are no beat up junkers getting in the way of your well maintained race car, every one is licensed and grouped accordingly, 5 star facility, and the ability to test fleet cars just to name a few. yes the price is steep but well worth it for someone who enjoys racing, and most of the members here do. additionally say you own a 250 GTO or some other 10 million dollar car this is a place to run it with out worries. – an MMC member

Anonymous said... »August 10, 2008

Are superbikes allowed? Also; Is it located on airport road, at the old airstrip?

I ask, with the local clientèle, what's stopping repeated break-ins and night racing??? Take a look at the local high school and tell me you don't see Monticello's youths testosterone levels displayed in suped-up Ricers...

Wrong place to put a track, I'd say.

Anonymous said... »August 19, 2008

I guess it must be nice if you r a millionaire !!! For people that can't drive but can have the toys... It must be like a Ferrari club event, lots of food and talking not much driving...

Anonymous said... »August 21, 2008

It's quite a slap in the face for the local people. Some of us have cars that are track worthy and are capable of driving them. I would love to see occasional track days or something. PSCC used to run auto-X at Orange County airport, now there is no place local.

stilettoheeledclutchfoot said... »October 19, 2008

Just got back from a track day at MMC. A 5 star facility, staff, and clientele. For everyone who has something to quip about the price or bashing the track in any manor... I suggest you put your egos in check. While I do not have the money for the membership, it s a well deserved sum to ask. Its hard to put s price on ammenities and convenience, and you CANNOT put a price on class.

Anonymous said... »December 26, 2008

This facility is truly fantastic, the owners and developers of the facility, unlike many other developers in this ecnomically starved area did not show up in Sullivan County with their hand out looking for all of the Federal, State and local tax breaks they could harvest to support their project. Unlike most developers. They came with a true passion for racing and put their money where their mouth is and built the facility. If you want to join--do it, if you do not want to join for whatever reason--don't join, end of story.

googoo said... »September 01, 2011

i used to live in monticello the owners are dicks all summer you can here the cars racing the nicest thing in the whole town lol

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