2009 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport: New Image Gallery and Details

2009 Mitsubishi Pajero SportFollowing a teaser press release earlier in July (see here), Mitsubishi has released further details and additional images on the all-new Pajero Sport SUV that will be publicly unveiled at the Moscow Auto Salon 2008 to be held at the Crocus Expo in Moscow between August 26 and September 7. The 2009 Pajero Sport will be sold in Russia, Australia, South America, Middle East and selected Asian markets but not in North America or Western Europe. Sales are expected to begin this fall.

2009 Mitsubishi Pajero SportThe new Pajero Sport (also called Montero Sport or Challenger, depending on the market) is based on a new ladder-frame. Mitsubishi says that bending and torsional rigidity in the new frame are 100% and 50% (respectively) higher than before thus improving the vehicle's reliability in off-road use as well as improving handling and ride comfort. The new Pajero Sport SUV is also larger than its predecessor with an overall length of 4695 mm (compared with 4620 mm for the old model); overall width of 1815 mm (1775 mm); overall height of 1800 mm (1730 mm); and wheelbase of 2800 mm (2725 mm). -Continued

Power will be supplied by a choice of three engines including 2.5-liter and 3.2-liter turbodiesels and a 3.5-liter V6 gasoline unit. In Russia, the Pajero Sport will be offered exclusively with the 3.2-liter common rail diesel engine that produces an output of 163 HP at 3,500 rpm and 343 Nm of torque at 2,000 rpm. Transmission choices include a 4-speed Sport Mode automatic or a 5-speed manual gearbox.

The large SUV uses Mitsubishi Motors' All Wheel Control-inspired Super Select 4WD driveline which feeds maximum drive torque to the wheels with the most grip. The Pajero Sport will also be available with an optional rear differential lock that eliminates the speed differential between the rear wheels to help the driver extract his vehicle in sticky situations.

Depoending on the market, the Pajero Sport SUV will be available in either a 2-row (5-passenger) or 3-row (7-passenger) seating configuration both of which feature water-repellent seats and a waterproof luggage compartment floor. Adding to its versatility, the front seatbacks can recline fully to provide a flat surface together with the rear seats. The rear seats also boast a 150 mm slide travel, allowing various configurations for occupant and luggage spaces.

2009 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

2009 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

2009 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport


Anonymous said... »August 20, 2008

the mitsubishi wanker!

really, what an unfortunate name.

Anonymous said... »August 22, 2008

Hi , the first picture seems pixelated, if u wanna resize pls use resample so it wont be pixelize. tq

Anonymous said... »August 25, 2008

Pajero means Pampas Cat.

If you think otherwise, you're the wanker!

Anonymous said... »August 27, 2008

The word pajero here in chile means someone lazy , how bad namee.

Aidan said... »August 28, 2008

Its just a car name, and besides, thats only the Euro name, in America its Montero and UK its Shogun

So ha :)

Anonymous said... »August 28, 2008

Pampas Cat? Where? In most latinamerican countries Pajero is the word for wanker ... that's why Mitsubishi sells it as "Mitsubishi Montero"

Anonymous said... »September 07, 2008

Gorgeous if you ask me. Just wish the would be bringing it here to the States. Mitsubishi may not be able to pick the right name for parts of the world to name it, but this vehicle will for sure be a show stopper whenever it comes into town.

Anonymous said... »November 23, 2008

it's a mitsubishi strada triton pick up with a campershells on it. ugly, ugly feminine suv

Andrew said... »November 23, 2008

looks like a cross between a montero and a pajero suv........well....I guess it will grow on me.....I know the pajero to be a superior suv.....first hand.....we own one......It is a better shape than the 2008

Anonymous said... »December 02, 2008

The previous model rocks!!!
This car is called as Mitsubishi Nativa in the middle east.
It is a good car!

It's not a wanker!!!!

Hayden said... »December 24, 2008

In Australia, it's the all new 2009 Mitsubishi Challenger! Based on the current model ML Triton. Gonna be an awesome car!

Anonymous said... »January 31, 2009

Looks wicked!

Not as blunt as the fortuner, very modern and stylish!

The guy who said it was feminine needs a humvee! lol

Anonymous said... »February 10, 2009

well guys,im from puerto rico,here the car is called montero,and the new model is the nativa. We dont use "pajero" becouse pajero here is jerkoff. So i own a 94 montero sr and is the best car iv'ed ever had. in other thing,i just want to know the price for the 2009 pajero(japaneese vertion) and when it will be arriving in the USA or puerto rico,if any of you have the information,please contact me att:
facebook:mako castro
any information would be great thanks a lot

kenneth castro

Anonymous said... »February 10, 2009

Yeah, I also want to know if we here in teh USA will get it. I've been trying to buy a 'slightly' used Montero Limited for the last 6 months, and they are hard to find! I have emailed Mitsu NA several times asking them to bring the Monteor back, but I haven't heard anything. Does anyone know if the Montero Limited or Montero Sport will be sold in the US again?

David said... »February 13, 2009

Here in olombia it is called Mitsubishi Nativa, great name, great car and i would like God help me to buy one for me!!!

Anonymous said... »February 15, 2009

Pedro > Hi Pajero looks like chubby unlike before could you change its style... Pajero does not look sporty anymore..

Anonymous said... »February 24, 2009

Guys This one sure looks sporty and its called pajero Sport in the UAE. i have booked one for myself and will get in by weekend. After driving a Dodge Charger this is the only one that i got bold on!!! Nativa is 3.0 and sport is a 3.5 L.
just cant wait to take it to the desert!!!

Naboulsi said... »February 26, 2009

Oh . great .. guy from UAE .. could you please tell us what is it price in uae derham ? i am speaking about 3.5 petrol HL AT .

Anonymous said... »March 09, 2009

Guys, this car has built based on Mitsubishi Triton. I have tried once, and compared with Toyota Fortuner, the suspension better but interior design worst, the engine a bit different but can accept. Anyway, I just wanna recommend don't let the cloth of it led you decide pls try it by your self.

I gonna buy one. Cheer.

Anonymous said... »March 20, 2009

the new montero sport has a higher torque than the fortuner. im very pleased with the exterior design of it. although the back part was a bit alright with me. its got a nice stance, has some really nice curve. all in all,im pretty satisfied with the new montero sport.

oh, and it doesnt look like a feminine suv. maybe if it was pink.


Anonymous said... »March 27, 2009

Hey Guys! Amazed to know such good news passed me by! the Montero Sport isthe bomb, i know cos i presently drive one (the 1997 version) itz strong and still runs like a dream. Pity i didnt know about the new montero, only reason i am letting it go is cos my family has grown larger and we need a third row of seats. So i have purchased a used Lexus GX470 and it is due to be delivered to me in 3 weeks time. would have gone for the sport again with a third Row! I live in Lagos, Nigeria, so cars dont debut here, we just buy from all over the world and ship in - and u should see the cars on our streets! Brother!
Wonderful car the Montero Sport - by any name called!

Anonymous said... »April 01, 2009

One ugly looking SUV and pricey too.

Anonymous said... »April 03, 2009

its a gay SUV!!!

Anonymous said... »April 20, 2009

Anyone who dislikes this new pajero must just be jealous because they can't afford one.

Anonymous said... »April 21, 2009

Habe Ihn Soeben Gekauft.
Mit Chip Tunning steigen die 165 Ps auf 200 Ps.
Drehmoment von 351 auf ca 430.
Die 16 Zoll Räder mit 265/70 werden durch
19 Zoll mit 265/45 ersetzt.
Die Sporttronik und der Zuschaltbare Allrad ist in seiner Klasse das beste. Fortuner hat Permaneten Allrad und keine Sperre.
In Thailand gibt es 5 Jahre Garantie * 150 000 km* auf den Pajero Sport. Nur ein Gutes Auto kann sich 5 Jahre Garantie leisten.
Daher habe ich nach Vilen Jahren Tozota in Thailand auf Pajero gewechselt.

Kool2bbop said... »April 28, 2009

Mitsubishi Pajero or Montero 2008 is JUST the best SUV for it's segment.
I have got:
BMW X5 petrol engine - Good for cities
Prado GL (not the VX) - Too noisy and hard in terms of comfort.
The Toyota Land Cruise VX is fantastic in all the ways.
Pajero is comfortable, resistent and it's a pleasure for driving in all types of roads. Believe me. Much cheaper than all of them.

MOHAMMED ANAS said... »May 15, 2009

Hi im rouf c
I will buy one mitsubishi pajero sports.
is vehicle as unbeleivable perfomance

i say to all customers. this best choice for you
mit sub pajero sports 4 wheel

Anonymous said... »June 12, 2009

it's an awesome car... it's better than Suzuki Gran Vitara, Toyota Fortuner, Nissan X Trail, even Honda CRV... i like the DiD 3.2 Commonrail Turbo's strong, durable, fast, tough and the most impotant thing it's efficient... it's the Best Value for money

Anonymous said... »June 13, 2009

It's an awesome 4X4 in its class,rugged looking and compact.

Anonymous said... »June 20, 2009

so....everyone, from all comments i read..., i think i would asume that you are all pay attention for this SUV, why dont you buy one and try this then you can post your comments..., lets judge it base on trial......

Anonymous said... »June 21, 2009

This montero/pajero seems to borrow front styling from the mitsubishi L200 pickup. It looks good.

Anonymous said... »June 23, 2009

im from indonesia and i already tried pajero sport here. and i;ve to say this is a very good car, better than gran vitara that i used to ride.

Anonymous said... »June 24, 2009

Hi everybody !
I have a Pajero Sport 3,0 V6 petrol automatic from 2001, it's still going great after 220'000 kms (that's about 140'000 miles). When I cross the Alps in the winter, it takes me everywhere (last winter I crossed a BMW X3 who had slipt aside of the road, and was being tugged away, hi, hi, hi). The only problem I had was that the automatic transmission fluid would overheat in high temperatures. This was solved by installing an additionnal radiator, the same one used for the engine oil on old Pajero models. No more heasting since then...

Definitively a great car, and a pity that Mitsubishi won't import it in Europe !! My local car dealer tells me to take a Grand Pajero ! I say no way, and will probabaly have to import one myself. Mitsubishi, please, please, import it to Europe and the USA...

Anonymous said... »June 26, 2009

from South Africa with love...

I own 2007 model best 4x4 ever,sand,mud nothing stops it.

Anonymous said... »June 26, 2009

great SUV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said... »June 27, 2009

how poor me, i just can dreaming it and only.

Anonymous said... »June 28, 2009

I have test driven beauty, and i loved every moment in it , it is a wonderful SUV and much smooth and feels great , i loved everything about it and sad they don't have Mitsubishi did not have all the controls in the steering wheel, like the volume control and the cruse control, also would have loved it more if they had a digital dash board and hands free for obile phone operations ,..... definitely the Pajero sports is not feminine it is anything but that hehehe am sure who ever has it will enjoy the pleasure .

cant wait to get my hands on one .....

Anonymous said... »July 06, 2009

Am a proud owner of the montero sport 4x2, 2.5liter turbo intercooled diesel. Took me three weeks going around testing all the suv in this P1.2-1.5m price range and found the montero 4x2 smooth ride, high ground clearance, 7 seater cap and variable luggage space arrangement, suited my needs pretty well. Moving from the eastern mountainous province of Abra through 10km of rough road, one river crossing and 440km of paved road to Manila and the same km back, twice a month have only confirm my choice is right. I drive at a steady 140-150km/hr at the sctex & nlex while 80 - 120 outside the expressway and 30-60 at the rough unpaved road and consumed 80 liters back & forth (11.25liters/km). So far, driving comfort, noise level, smooth shifting, firm dynamic ride at the speedway contributed greatly to a faster travel, more relax driving and less fatigue and stress on arrival. My early preference is the furtuner because Im captivated by its looks and strongly recommended by my compadre in toyota. I've driven the suv to & pro at the same route and condition, and i would still go for the 2009 montero. Sorry guys, but at this point in time, i personally believe the montero sport is still the better choice for myself.

Anonymous said... »July 19, 2009

Im a Filipino and im working here in Qatar! I owned Mitsubishi Pajero Sports. Temperature here is too high. Pajero performed well. I try my pajero in desert driving! its perfect! you can depend on! If u r in Middle east u must choose SUV car. This is for emergency purposes! For me, Mitsubishi Pajero Sports is the best.

tt said... »July 23, 2009

ineed the price for 2009 & 2010

Herry W said... »July 30, 2009

show us for the price!!finally, That is the great SUV..

Anonymous said... »August 07, 2009

hello all! It really looks great and comfortable in and out but the rear is a bit high. What will be the effect if the rear is lowered? I only drive in city.

Pinoy in Thailand

Anonymous said... »August 08, 2009

I bought one of these back in January 09 in Thailand, great SUV ideal for Thailand's roads in the north east, diesel consumption/economy is great,handling is very good for a vehicle of it's size, good off road on the dirt tracks, especially with it being rear wheel drive, you can have some fun with the quick shift gears (only four though).

Great car, pity I have had to leave it wrapped up in the car port over there, till I Return to Thailand next year.

Mike - London

Anonymous said... »August 21, 2009

Just been confirmed in the news here in Australia that our version of the Pajero Sport (called Challenger here) will have a 2.5l turbo diesel with 131kw of power and 400nm of torque!!! I haven't seen that engine with that power/torque in any other article in the world!!!

Waiting waiting waiting!!!! Only a few more months now!

Anonymous said... »September 03, 2009

In Brazil there is the previous Pajero Sport V6 HPE and now they just launched the new 2010 Pajero DAKAR (the new name in Brazil). It is turbodiesel with 165HP @ 3800 rpm.

It is a great, modern and robust car.

Anonymous said... »September 23, 2009

when the new pajero sport hits the road in South Africa

Anonymous said... »September 24, 2009

Drove an old school pajero up Zomba mountain in Malawi. The size made the bends slightly awkward but otherwise the vehicle was absolutely fantastic. I'm buying this new Sport as a result

Anonymous said... »October 15, 2009

I live in Thailand, i've been looking for an SUV for some time. I checked out the Ford Everest, Toyota Fortuner, Isuzu Mu7 et al and found myself disappointed with each of them. The faults ranged from build quality, interior ambience, standard equipment right through to the actual driving experience. I recently test drove the latest spec Pajero Sport 3.2 4x4 and found it far superior to all the other SUV's available here that i ordered one the same day. It will never be all things to all men but then what car ever will be? All i can say is that i found it the best of the bunch here in Thailand.

Anonymous said... »November 02, 2009

hi there fr Thailand. So u did test drive all of 'the above'? and found out that pajero sport's the best? im asking coz am planning to get one too... im fr next door malaysia

Anonymous said... »November 04, 2009

I also live in Thailand and took delivery of my 2.5L GLS 3 days ago. It's an awesome vehicle. Looks great, acres of room inside and it's a BIG car. I'm really pleased with it and the price was good too compared to the other SUV's around.

Anonymous said... »November 11, 2009

i have had many suv ,most driving in out back aust, i have just moved to Thailand, went looking for a new suv, tried the Pajero sport found it to the best of the bunch, bought one very pleased with it, comes with all the options, is good price, nice leather.If you knock this vehicle you don't know much about 4x4 vehicles.

Anonymous said... »November 11, 2009

have owned many suv, most used for work in out back Aust., moved to Thailand, went looking for a new suv, found the Pajero sport, was the best of the bunch, bought one, very happy with it, comes with all the options, price good, nice leather. If you knock this vehice you don't know muchabout 4x4 vehicles.

Anonymous said... »November 17, 2009

I drive a 2001 Nissan Terrano 2.7TDI. Done 272000Km no problem. Want to replace with either Fortuner diesel 4x4 or Pajero Sport.
Anybody with real consumption figures on the Pajero Sport 3.2 Diesel Auto? Just now released in South Africa.


Anonymous said... »November 22, 2009

Albert have new pajero only travelled 3000km so far, average fuel city and country has been 11.8 km to lL tink t will emprove on longer runs, happy with this performace.

Anonymous said... »November 26, 2009


Anonymous said... »December 03, 2009

I have a mitsubishi pajero 1997...and guess what?The car got an accident and this is the fifth year since it got that accident, yet the car never get resort to engine failure!the car is still powerful when compared to other car!Well done..Pajero!

Anonymous said... »December 05, 2009

3 doors sport Pajero is my 2nd one now. Excellent car. no complains at all. I drove FJ Cruiser but no comparison with Pajero. It has more HP then FJ and lighter then it. I am now replacing it with 2010 model. Very handy off and on roads. In GCC countries we prefer petrol models.

Anonymous said... »December 15, 2009

none negative coment.. why?

Anonymous said... »December 25, 2009

I'm looking for a SUV to drive in middle east country. Please, focus your post on this particular vehicle so I can narrow down my choises. Judging from this web post, looks like Mitsubishi produce a good car.

suparno said... »January 25, 2010

Pajero Sport's cars a tough and reliable, this wonderful site. thank you for all the information it contained our site

mahanteesh said... »February 21, 2010

is this modle comming to india if so when and how much does it cost

Anonymous said... »April 23, 2010

m anxious to know more about this car...
really looks better than outdated old one

Anonymous said... »May 30, 2011

its nice

meli said... »July 30, 2012

wish that car were here in the usa... i have a montero sport 1998 .. 198000 miles. .. and it still running like a new car..  
pleaseeeeeee !! why that car is not selling in the usa?? that make me very sad

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