2011 Alfa Romeo Giulia: New Name and Looks for Alfa’s 159 Successor

In its latest issue, Italian car magazine Quattroruote has an article on Alfa Romeo’s new mid-sized sedan that will replace the 159. According to Quattroruote’s sources, the 159’s successor will revive the famed Giulia nameplate as the Italian company is replacing its current system of numeric model names for more personal ones.

Unfortunately, Alfa won’t be reviving the original Giulia’s rear-wheel-drive layout as the Italian sedan will be based on a modified version of the Lancia Delta / Fiat Bravo platform. Like the 159, the new Giulia will be offered in front-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive versions. In terms of styling, Quattroruote’s artists suggest that like the Mito, the Giulia will feature a front end inspired from the 8c Competizione. -Continued

Via: Motorspain , Source: Quattroruote


Eric said... »August 05, 2008

I really, really hope that's not true. The 159 and the Brera have one of the prettiest faces in all autodom. It would be a shame if Alfa went ahead and grafted this MiTo pastiche onto it. How horrible

Anonymous said... »August 05, 2008

A successor becomes a loser

SamuraiJack said... »August 05, 2008

You know there's a problem when you have the most beautiful range of cars on the market and you still can't sell them. In South Africa, Alfa Romeo sold 15 cars during July! This is especially bad compared to Toyota's 6500+ passenger cars, or even Porsche's 33. And the cherry on the cake is that they have 22 dealerships, so at least 7 dealerships didn't sell a single car during the whole month!!!

How sad, how pathetic.

Anonymous said... »August 05, 2008

Ugghhh; those headlights. Please Alfa, don't move forward with the front like that. Change the headlights.

CaliDesigner said... »August 05, 2008

Please downsize the bug eyes!

Anonymous said... »August 05, 2008

Alfa dropped the ball with the MiTo which looks like a squashed bug. The 159 looks gorgeous but this Giulia looks bad!

Anonymous said... »September 11, 2008

Please don't destroy the eyes of alfa 159.....

Anonymous said... »October 13, 2008

i think it looks great!
Mmmmmmm driving one of these with new 1.8 petrol turbo engine with 205hp :).
Also, it wont be FWD anymore, RWD is alfas future

Anonymous said... »December 04, 2008

I don't believe that the 159's successor's design will be any close to what is shown on these 2 pictures x

Anonymous said... »December 13, 2008

perfect design, nice work Alfa Romeo.
It will be the most beautiful car for that year.

Anonymous said... »January 09, 2010

It looks GREAT.

I want one!


Rajan Baliah Esq

Anonymous said... »January 29, 2010

This car will replace Alfa Romeo gt, not 159.

Anonymous said... »February 27, 2010

I recently test drove the 159 with the new 1750 turbo engine... the only Alfa thing in this car is the design, that's all. The engine is disappointing, no power at high revs and boring sound.
(my Renault has a better sound)

I owned a 156 twin spark some years ago, it still had a soul. I don't want a new Alfa but am getting interested to older models with the famous V6.

Anonymous said... »March 28, 2010

I am not saying I like the car in these picture, but I trust Alfa will dash us in the end!! Isn't it too soon for an 159 replacement??

Anonymous said... »April 07, 2010

I owned the 1st Generation 159 and is still a better product than what is coming out now. why they went for GM sourced engines is still a mystery for me.

i am dissapointed with what i have seen in the 2011 model as it looks like a facelift of the existing model and why bother if they are not coming up with better performing vehicles?

Anonymous said... »June 10, 2010

as an Alfisti,I have to say that

this model looks terrible :(( and disappointed me...

Anonymous said... »July 13, 2010

Am I the only one that actually likes the new design direction that Alfa are taking?

Anonymous said... »August 28, 2010

I simply don't understand how anyone thinks this design improves on the current 159. It has a beautiful front end and is unique; the 8C is a fabulous looking car but it doesn't mean that translating the headlight design onto a much smaller car works.

Anonymous said... »May 31, 2011

next to the 159 front this is horrendous.....and has the face of a cheapish dated lexus....keep the 159 front alfa...restyle the rear...maybe this one is ok....but other wise return to RWD...that s when alfa lost its soul....i have had a number of alfas ....gtv alfetta(1979)was the best looking ever drive a 156 from new...t spark had soul...where is the awe inspiring alfa v6....please alfa do not let Marchionne destroy your soul.

Alex Kol said... »September 07, 2012

 Do dupy. Fuck You. Ass

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