Daihatsu Unveils Move Conte Minicar in Japan

Daihatsu Move ConteJapan’s biggest minicar maker, Daihatsu, introduced its new Move Conte on Monday, August 25. Although the 5-door Move Conte is slightly shorter than the Fiat 500 measuring in at just 3,395 mm in length, Daihatsu supports that the minicar will offer ample space for four passengers thanks to its innovative interior packaging. Offered in both front and four-wheel-drive versions, the Move Conte will be available with two 3-cylinder engines, the naturally aspirated KF-VE developing 58 and the turbocharged KF-DET producing 64 HP. -Continued

Daihatsu, which is 51 percent owned by Toyota, said that the yearly sales target is 50,000 Move Contes a year in Japan with the suggested retail prices ranging between 990,000 yen to 1.595 million yen (excluding consumption tax).

Daihatsu Move Conte Minicar

Daihatsu Move Conte

Daihatsu Move Conte

Daihatsu Move Conte


aml said... »August 25, 2008


Anonymous said... »August 25, 2008

Asian car manufacturers seem to have run out of ideas. Their Xerox machines must be working overtime - the Daihatsu Move Conte Minicar copies the Nissan Cube, the Shuanghuan CEO copies the BMW X5, and so on...

Anonymous said... »August 25, 2008

Looks like a "mini-me" of my 05 Scion xB. I sort of like it.

But who ever heard of the turbo version only providing 10% more power?

What's the fuel economy?

Don said... »August 25, 2008

Shorter than the Fiat 500? Wow! From the photos it looks like that thing has a lot of room inside for four adults, for such a small footprint. Good packaging.

folding truck steps said... »August 25, 2008

to small for a big man like me

Anonymous said... »July 05, 2010

will it come to America? I like it a lot, but would our potholes swallow it whole?

Anonymous said... »July 06, 2010

^ ur place has potholes the size of this car!?

Venugopalmaran said... »October 25, 2011

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