Ferrari California Photo Shoot in San Francisco

Ferrari California Seems like Ferrari has already begun taking its new California coupe-cabriolet out on the streets for the standard commercial / media photo shoots. These photographs, courtesy of Flickr member “Thomas-Pix”, were taken from the Vesuvio’s second floor at the corner of Columbus and Broadway in San Francisco's Barbary Coast area of North Beach. The all-new Ferrari California features an electric folding hardtop and is powered by a front-mounted 4.3-liter V8 engine delivering 460HP. The California will make its official debut at the Paris Show in early September with sales set to start in early 2009. -More pics after the jump

Ferrari California
Ferrari California
Ferrari California

Ferrari California
Ferrari California Via: Flickr


Anonymous said... »August 11, 2008

love the rear, hate the front
seems old, very similar to the old 575 M.....

Anonymous said... »August 11, 2008

Hate the front.
Hate the rear!

Whatever happened to the era of purposeful, pretty Ferrari's?

JB, London

CaliDesigner said... »August 11, 2008

I have to disagree with the previous comments. I think this is one of the beautiful Ferrari's ever and especially in the last few years between the Enzo and the 612 Scaglietti and developed on the 599 to a seamless design.

ThomasK said... »August 11, 2008

Great to see my photos getting a wider audience (I'm "thomaspix" on Flickr). We sat at Vesuvio's watching the California get uncovered and re-covered, roll back and creep forward for almost an hour (it was close to midnight in SF). Lots of folks stopping and staring at the shoot. We considered ourselves lucky to have gotten such a good angle on the activities. You can see the whole set here:

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