Mystery Solved: Why BMW Calls it 'Gina...

A member of the NASIOC Subaru forums has solved the mystery surrounding the name of BMW’s Gina Light Visionary Concept -see images here- with this scanned photo from the latest issue of Top Gear Magazine. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words…

Via: Nasioc


aml said... »August 10, 2008

Hahahahahahaha! Thats brilliant! VA GINA Concept. Maybe it's a kind of joke from BMW designers cos' they're never gonna admit the truth.

Anonymous said... »August 10, 2008

it was obvious...for the first time everybody thought that...

Anonymous said... »August 10, 2008

RLMFAO!!!! U guys just made my Sunday !

pedro jorge said... »August 11, 2008

In portugal maybe we were the first to thought of that: 'Gina' is a very 'famous' porn magazine...

xg9 said... »August 11, 2008

remember the guy who has sex with cars? boy, he would love to hump this one..

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