2009 Ford F450 Harley Davidson Edition

Ford F-450 Harley DavidsonThe U.S. economy isn’t at its best, unstable fuel prices are driving people farther away from large SUVs and Pickup trucks and Ford, well Ford decides to spend its resources and time to team-up once again with Harley Davidson to develop a special edition version of the F-450 which it describes as the “Big Hog Daddy” of the road… -Continued

As with the still available F-250/350 SRW models, each individually numbered F-450 Harley-Davidson gets a…discreet blue-flame paint scheme that is carried through to the interior gauges in the instrument panel. Other mods include the custom perforated black leather wrapped seats, door panels and center console cover along with the necessary Harley-Davidson logos.

Ford F-450 Harley Davidson
Ford F-450 Harley Davidson
Ford F-450 Harley Davidson


Anonymous said... »September 25, 2008

Well hell, breakout the cheap-ass 24 pack of piss-water beer and let's all party! Then we'll drive aimlessly up and down city streets making as must obnoxious, and unwelcome noise as possible. Yeehaw!

SamuraiJack said... »September 25, 2008

That must be one of the ugliest things mankind has ever created

Austin said... »September 26, 2008

more unneccessarly stuper big huge American vehicles yeahh!!

Anonymous said... »October 03, 2008

yes it is bloody stupid! Imagine filling that up !!! 11 dollars a gallon here in the UK!!

Anonymous said... »December 15, 2008

thank god i live in the U.S.A I would try to live a little larger pal.....

Anonymous said... »March 03, 2009

Best truck ever. Just got it today, stop complaining about fuel, if you can afford this gas is the least of your worries.

Anonymous said... »April 17, 2009

i think is one of the best trucks of ford on diesel and looks good and for those who complaint about the fuel they need to get in another page cuz we like diesel thanks

Mark said... »June 16, 2009

this does terrible on gas mileage, it's true, but that's because of the particulate filter. Without it this truck would probably see around 20 mpg being a diesel. Also, it's quiet. I see them all the time, they are quieter than my v6 blazer.

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