Alfa Romeo GTV with Ford Mustang V8 Powertrain – Why?

Alfa Romeo GTV Mustang V8Here’s a lesson from chapter 11 of the ‘Book of Mullets’ on how to destroy one of the European automotive legends, the awesome mid-70’s Alfa Romeo GT Veloce. First of all, exchange the Alfa’s nimble 4-cylinder engine for a gaudy 5.0-liter V8 Ford Mustang drivetrain. Who needs a well balanced coupe when you can have the V8 power of a Mustang? Now that you’ve made the engine swap, time to go ahead and show everyone that bad taste has no limits. Wonder where we should start from; the side exhaust pipes, the reversed rear wing posing as a front spoiler, the hoodscoop, the mid-80’s Mustang alloy wheels or the faux Ferrari tail-lights? -Continued

Alfa Romeo GTV Mustang V8
Alfa Romeo GTV Mustang V8
Alfa Romeo GTV Mustang V8
Alfa Romeo GTV Mustang V8
Alfa Romeo GTV Mustang V8
Alfa Romeo GTV Mustang V8Via: Cardomain


Anonymous said... »September 11, 2008

i think it looks pretty sweet. but that's just my opinion, i could be wroug.

Anonymous said... »September 11, 2008


aml said... »September 11, 2008

Oh, for the love of God!!! What he was thinking of?! To take one of the most glorious cars in automotive history and rip it form it's legend and heart is an unforgivable and the most foul sin a man can make to a car. I would sell my house to own the original GTV and now I read about some bastard who was lucky enough to own it but completely dishonored it. This is beyond... That bastard should be allowed no closer to any car than 1 mile and lynched by alfistas.

Anonymous said... »September 11, 2008

the stupid guy who that this is going to hell poor old alfa

SamuraiJack said... »September 12, 2008

Well, it's interesting that he could actually make it fit and it looks proffesionally done, but the heavy engine would totally spoil the weight distribution and therefore the handling. And the bodywork add-ons and wheels unfortunately don't help the looks one bit.

Fedor said... »September 12, 2008

that's nasty... but still good for drag races I guess.

JW said... »September 15, 2008

I think that it is pretty nifty myself. I say more power to smaller cars! I guess it all depends on where he got the car...if he bought it already restored or if it was in the junkyard and he fixed it up himself. If he bought it the way it should be then, I would have left it as is. If he bought it junked up then more power to him. Imagine a V6 in a Mini Cooper or insanely impossible Honda Fit.

Anonymous said... »September 27, 2008

All realative to personal taste/beliefs. Personally, I grew up around modified cars. My father grew up in an era when people stuffed V8's into small Euro cars. Some folks made the transition popular in racing like Carol Shelby with AC cars. My father did drag race not road race but he put V8's in cool cars like a Henry J, s/c 383ci in a '59 bug (completely hidden), 930 replica Porsche and recently working on a Giulietta Sprint V8 swap that my Mom's cousin started 30yrs ago but stopped after he sold the motor. I've grown to believe that modding a true classic is fine as long as you can reverse engineer it back to stock. I won't chop/cut on a rare car.

Anonymous said... »December 26, 2008

I understand the outcry, but I bet it is a blast to drive, and it looks like the transplant is very well dne.

Anonymous said... »February 07, 2009

Leave the guy alone. At least it's professionally done.

Anonymous said... »February 21, 2009

Ugly work...
...I'm italian and I know what is the beuty of true Alfa's engine.
I invite every people to visit the museum of Arese,to understand the legend of Alfa.

Anonymous said... »March 19, 2009

nice =)

Anonymous said... »March 30, 2009

Crazy! Hard to dislike as it has a very professional touch but extremely hard to like as one cannot fiddle with a Alfa Bertone like that. Hahaha

Anonymous said... »June 14, 2009

wow... was that the only alfa veloce they ever made? big deal. i think it kind a neat. i'm putting a rotary into a sprite... i've also destroyed perfect chevy luvs to V8 power... i've pulled perfectly good engines out of 914 porsches, and cosworth vegas to cram in cast iron and aluminum V8s...

get over it. purists... sheesh.

Anonymous said... »October 20, 2009

Geez, all these harsh comments and opinions and you don't even know the guy. It's a beautiful car that someone put a lot of time and money into, quit hating on it. Who ever's car built this car did a great job, and it clearly sets it self apart from any other alfa. This is different because it's a european car and it's actually appealing to look at and it keeps my interested.

As he said, Purist, get over it and get your own.

Anonymous said... »January 21, 2010

I'd like to know where this car is located and talk to the owner on how he did it.

Anonymous said... »March 10, 2010

I have a 74 GTV 2000 and I am seriously considering putting a Chev 350 drive train in it. The cars stock motor wont get out of its own way!(new 135 HP, now who knows maybe 90 if I am lucky) Sure it sounds like 4 Italian angels singing in perfect harmony @ 3000-3500 rpm but with the proper racing suspension (lowered) and the oil pan literally 1.5" off the ground I have gotten tired of replacing or repairing (repairing does not work it will always leak!) the oil pan every time I drive the freaking car!!! All it takes to crack that aluminum pan is a slightly raised manhole cover, a small to average sized pothole, a slightly deep driveway crevasse, a midget speed bump a... well you get the idea. If you dont have a glass smooth race track in your back yard you will hate driving these cars. On the other hand if you dont opt for the racing suspension you will have no oil pan clearance issues. What you will have however, is a serious altitude problem (the car looks as high as an old west covered wagon and handles almost as well!) So by putting some horses in the car I will solve my oil pan issue and my serious acceleration problems now the question is handling and the other weight issues of an aluminum block 2L V4 replaced by an aluminum block 5.7L V8. I do not know what the actual difference in weight is but with the stiff beefy new racing springs and the adjustable Koni shocks I really dont see a couple hundred pounds making that much difference. Am I wrong?

James said... »June 13, 2010

Wow, what a waste of a good 5.0L! I have to say, the body mods make the car look better, but no matter how many improvements are done to the car, it'll never be deserving of such a great engine. It takes some real nerve, however, to say that the CAR is too good for the ENGINE... I mean really... are you people afraid of power, good looks, or comfort?

Anonymous said... »June 13, 2010

What a waste of a 5.0L! I mean that engine could go into something worth while, like an RX7, a fox body Mustang, or at least an LTD... but not some butt ugly, tiny, uncomfortable, underpowered, overpriced piece of garbage! They're rare for a reason; people don't want them! At least the guy has good taste in engines, though. He did the right thing if he absolutely HAD to drive that car, though.

Anonymous said... »July 19, 2010

Should have used a Chevy LS1/LS2, but you use what you have, I suppose. Brave of them to show up @ an Italian Car meet (Pic 5)
Personally I'd do an Alfa 3.0 V6, but it's their car.

Anonymous said... »September 13, 2010

This car shows up regularly in Langley, BC and therefore the fit and finish have been viewed in person. WOW ! I understand that he did the work largely on his own and that makes it more beautiful. He salvaged a car and added his own vision. Give him a break!
It is also a great little cruiser that gets a huge share of attention. Deservedly!

Joel said... »September 25, 2010

Good job. The looks of an Alfa with the power and reliability of a high-displacement American V8. Needs to be done with some salvage Ferrari cars as well. Rather use a Chevy small block if it was me, but there's nothing wrong with Ford's 5.0L.

Anonymous said... »May 27, 2011

Take a collectors car and transform it into a utterly valueless pile of garbage.. Way to go dude!
What's the weight balance? 80/20? 70/30? Might as well installed square tires and an anchor.

R Antonio Misso said... »November 26, 2011

Oh comon nimble 4...slugbox, This articles stupid this is nothing new, its his own version of a de tamaso Pantera,  Its been done before with great results and 1/8 the maintenance cost of the usuall italian unreliability and part expense, Tony Ricciardello won in his Chevrolet V8 , Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV  in the national series seven times, the all-time record for the category,  Italian Looks with american muscle not a bad combo. Big power for cheap too with Ongoin inexpensive parts supply. 

John said... »February 13, 2012

 So the Alfa twin-cam weighs about 261 lbs. + manifolds. The Ford 5.0 weighs about 460 lbs. with manifolds. Sub aluminum heads and it's 410-415 lbs. Sub tubular shorty exhaust manifolds and your're at about 400 pounds. A T5 5-speed transmission weighs about 80 pounds - similar to Alfa transmission weights. Lots of rear end possibilities including independent suspension in lieu of DeDion, and all aluminum pumpkins. I like some aspects of the car. Don't like the external body modifications except possibly the flaired fenders. Would go with Italian looking wheels and clean exhaust. Nice work!

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