Hummer H3 to get E85 Capable Engines and 4-Cylinder Diesel in 2009

Hummer H3 E85 FlexPowerWith Hummer’s future uncertain as truck and large SUV sales continue to freefall in the States, you’d think that GM would totally give up on its offroad brand. But for the time being, that doesn’t seem to be the case. As part of its commitment to make half of its vehicles E85 (ethanol) capable by 2012, GM said that along with the H2 E85 FlexPower that will go on sale in the States this October, it is continuing the development of FlexPower engines for the H3 SUV.

Scheduled to hit U.S. dealerships in early 2009, the H3 FlexPower will be able to run on gasoline, E85 ethanol which consists of up to 85 percent ethanol mixed with gasoline, or any combination of the two fuels. According to the American automaker, in the USA alone, more than 3 million of the 7 million flexible-fuel vehicles on the road are GM cars and trucks. -Continued

Hummer H3 E85 FlexPower“Using biofuels, specifically E85, is the most significant thing we can do in the near-term to offset rising future energy demands” says Beth Lowery, GM vice president of Environment, Energy and Safety Policy. “We believe ethanol used as a fuel, not just as a gasoline additive, is the best near-term alternative to the surging global demand for oil because ethanol is renewable and it significantly reduces CO2 emissions compared to gasoline. Best of all, it is available today.”

Aside from the H3 FlexPower, GM is also developing a 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine for the smallest model in its range. The diesel-powered H3 will be an important addition in Hummer’s European range as diesel vehicles across the pond account for more than 50 percent of total sales in most markets. The percentage of diesel variants is even greater when it comes to large SUVs and 4x4s.


Anonymous said... »September 12, 2008


Bring the Diesel engine to the United States!

Rick said... »September 12, 2008

WTF is right. Wouldn't it be nice if GM could actually sell Hummers instead of selling Hummer itself. A diesel H3 would probably help A LOT!

Rick W. said... »September 13, 2008

It doesn't matter if GM does this or not. E85 has been marketed especially by the domestic manufacturers, largely because of GM, but each time I roll into a chain, a mom/pop, or some other unknown gas station, I don't see E85 being offered in the states I've been in. Even in those that I've traveled in, that are indicated via the web as to be offering E85, I don't see.

Anonymous said... »February 28, 2011

I think it's a great idea cuz I LOVE my H3!!

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