Nissan X-Trail Clean Diesel Released in Japan

Nissan X-Trail Diesel 20GT With the market launch of the new clean diesel X-Trail "20GT" on September 18, Nissan will become the second automaker to sell a diesel-powered vehicle in Japan. Up until now, the only brand offering a diesel car in Japan is Mercedes-Benz with its E320 CDI. The X-Trail is powered by the 2.0-liter M9R diesel equipped with a particulate filter and lean NOx trap catalysts delivering an output of 173 PS and maximum torque of 360Nm or 265-lbs/ft. Nissan says that the ‘20GT’ achieves a fuel-efficiency 35.7mpg US or 6.5 lt/100km representing an increase of about 30% in fuel economy over a 2.5-liter gasoline engine with the same output. -Continued

Moreover buyers in Japan will benefit from the lower price of diesel versus standard gasoline. The new clean diesel X-TRAIL 20GT is offered in Japan with standard ALL MODE 4x4i and 5-speed manual transmission with prices (including consumption tax) starting from 2,999,850 yen which is about $27,730 or 19,100.

3 Comments: said... »September 04, 2008

The Rogue is a nice little Crossover, but this takes the real win over any small SUV out there.

Mike said... »September 13, 2008

I think if you are in Japan and travel significant mileage every year, then it makes sense to buy the diesel X-Trail as it cost more than the petrol version.

Clean Diesel said... »February 09, 2009

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