2009 Nissan 370Z Partially Revealed on Need For Speed Undercover Game

Nissan 370Z NFS CarscoopThe forthcoming Nissan 370Z is exactly what we'd call one of the best kept secrets of the auto industry. So it comes to no surprise that the 350Z's successor was partially revealed in one of the teaser films for the Need for Speed Undercover video game that is slated to be in stores North America on November 18 and in Europe on November 21. Along with the above screenshot that was sent to us by our reader Marcus, we also managed to take a few more shots ourselves from one of the videos on the NFS website. -Continued

If you happen to have any doubts that these pictures actually depict the new 370Z that is expected to be revealed at next month's 2008 Los Angeles Auto Show, just
click here to see a screenshot of the Japanese sports coupe that was taken during an official Nissan presentation earlier this year.

Nissan 370Z NFS Carscoop
Nissan 370Z NFS Carscoop
Nissan 370Z NFS CarscoopThanks for the pic Marcus!


Raptor said... »October 12, 2008

Poor Car...

Teased in a rubbish game!

El Colombiano said... »October 12, 2008

I wouldnt say the car is rubbish.

Id say that it is either the 370z or a 350z with a really rubbish body-kit. However being NFS so "arcade" well have to wait until GT5 so we can get this prototype as an award for our international-b silver gold, lol.

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