Aston Martin DB7 Accident: Alloy Wheel Breaks Apart!

If anything else, this must have been one heck of an impact as it takes a considerate amount of force for an alloy wheel to completely break off from the wheel hub. According to the folks over at Autogespot, the accident involving the Aston Martin DB7 occurred somewhere in the Netherlands. Hit the jump for more pictures.

Via: Autogespot , Source: Geenstijl


Sergio said... »November 06, 2008

OUCH!!! that hurts...

Jenny said... »November 06, 2008

It looks like he slammed into a pole...

aml said... »November 06, 2008

DB7 Vantage

Anonymous said... »November 06, 2008

Heh - At first glance of the top pic, I thought that was an old Acura Integra

SamuraiJack said... »November 07, 2008

Maybe it's just extremely strong wheel nuts

Anonymous said... »November 07, 2008

To complete the story:
this car was driven by a employee of, a dutch blog. The intention was to raffle the car omong the website visitors who could capture the car. Needless to say they had to cancel it...

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