Apple iMo: A Design Proposal for an Autonomous Robotic Car of the Future

No, Steve Jobs has not made the decision to expand Apple's portfolio with cars - at least not yet. Despite the Apple logos, the iMo is an independent study for a future robotic car that was created by Anthony Jannarelly, a French designer with an MA in automotive design at Britain's Coventry University. The extremely compact 2+1 seater with the bubbly design borrows several styling cues from various Apple products. It is fully automated and according to is designer, it's intelligent enough to drive and park all by itself - where's the fun in that?

Other interesting 'pipe-dream' features of the iMo is its ability to change shapes, an idea which we've heard before by BMW and its GINA Roadster Concept -see photo gallery here. The iMo adopts Segway's two-wheel gyroscopic technology and like most futuristic proposals, its fully electric and can be charged through a socket at the rear end of the vehicle.

Source: Anthony Jannarelly "Merci Beaucoup" for the tip Jon!


Car Tuning said... »December 18, 2008

these futuristic concepts scare me. I don't know how someone fat could enter in that tiny car and it will get in... it should have incredible power to get start moving.

Anonymous said... »December 18, 2008

Why do we have to accommodate fat people?

Anonymous said... »December 19, 2008

Not viable on the streets off the UK. How? Look at the thing! Its got no suspension! I mean have you seen the size of some of the potholes on our roads! Also how on Eart will the thing drive over a speed bump! I mean come on!!

Anonymous said... »December 20, 2008

We have to accomodate fat people because America is the largest Automotive market.

Anonymous said... »December 24, 2008

It's easy.
Just leave one seat instead...
And any fat will mightily pleased

Anonymous said... »December 26, 2008

Ok, enough with the Fat American jokes ;-). This is a very interesting design study, right. I'll be amazed the day one of these little buzzes by me. Bravo

iPhoney said... »December 30, 2008

The idea is great. Looks like the next step in SEGWAY evolution.

Anonymous said... »January 05, 2009

That thing looks like a death trap. I'll rather walk or bike than drive that glass ball.

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