Chrysler LLC Begins Spending Government Loan with 'Thank You America' Print Ad...

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American taxpayers will be glad to know that the folks over at cash-strapped Chrysler LLC thank them for the approved government loan of $4 billion that they received to help bridge the current economic crunch. In fact, Chrysler is so thankful that it created a new "Thank You America" print advertisement.

First of all, if Chrysler wanted to be accurate, it should have thanked the Bush Administration and their political supporters in their decision to offer both Chrysler and GM a bailout loan - we didn't see any American taxpayers vote on the matter, did you? If you ask us, Chrysler LLC's decision to spend money -it doesn't matter how much- on a print ad thanking Americans for bailing them out was an unnecessary move. With so many media outlets of all sorts, a press release is more than adequate these days to get your message out to millions of people. Total waste of money that could have gone into saving a job or two.